Nature Valley says: “NV Granola Bars give you the energy to get to and enjoy your favorite place in ncature, your own personal Nature Valley”

Michelle says: In general, Nature Valley bars are great short-term fuels, but if you’re looking for extra protein or fiber boosts, you’re better off going with other bars like Kashi. The flavors of their bars are usually great, but this is off-set by lots of HFCS and other controversial ingredients! 😦 Bummer.


Chewy Trail Mix – Fruit & Nut


Nutritional Info: 140Calories, 4g fat, 28g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g protein

NV says: “…NV chewy trail mix granola bars are one thing you don’t want to leave behind. They are a good source of whole grain and are made with 100% natural ingredients like raisins, granola, nuts, and fruit. They’ll help keep you going up the next hill and around the next bend.”

Michelle says: Despite liking how sweet, crunchy (from the peanuts and occasional almond), and fun it is to eat (it’s nice and sticky-gooey), the low fiber and low protein count (compared to the kashi trail mix bar) is a turn-off. A closer look at the ingredient list shows HFCS and high maltose corn syrup as top components. That’s just too bad. 😦

Score: 7.5/10 (Almost like a dessert bar, I would eat this as a treat and is definitely a flavor you may come to crave)


Crunchy Granola Oats N’ Honey


Nutritional Info (2 bars per pack): 180Calories, 6g fat, 29g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g protein

NV says: “…The classic crunch of NV Crunchy granola bars is a perfect way to fuel up naturally. NV crunchy granola bars are 100% natural and an excellent source of whole grain. Delicious, wholesome and easy to bring along, they’re the energy bar nature intended.”

Michelle says: I love the SUPER crunch that this densely packed granola bar has. I also love this flavor as you taste the wonderful earthy flavors of the oats while also getting the sweetness though the honey taste is rather faint. It doesn’t pack enough satisfying protein or fiber to make it on to my breakfast menu by itself, but as a treat or to sprinkle on top of yogurt, this is a great choice! It could also get messy if you eat it out of the packaging, as the bar tends to crumble as you munch along.

Score: 7/10 (Would eat this again if I’m missing the crunch and the flavor, otherwise can’t think of how else it could fit in my day to day food!)