I’m never going back to store-bought/restaurant pizza’s in Chicago again. This pizza is for lazy people who have access to Trader Joe’s!!
Left half: Curry tomato chicken fiesta
Marinara, stir-fried curry chicken with onions, mushrooms, spinach, & cheese
Right half: Cheeseless seafood delight!
Diced shrimp & squid, imitation crab meat, spinach & marinara


  • A pack of Trader Joe’s whole wheat (raw) pizza dough
  • Marinara sauce/tomato sauce/bbq sauce
  • ANY toppings you desire (See pictures for inspiration)


Stretch out your dough on the baking surface, decorate with your ingredients (already cooked to prevent salmonela), bake at 35o degrees for ~20 minutes! (depends on when the cheese melts)

This is toasty fresh, full of ingredients, and customized!
A special note: To keep the dough from sticking to the foil, don’t use foil – use parchment paper.