LUNA says: “The entirely natural whole nutrition bar for women”

Michelle says: I give you props for making filling bars that are geared toward women (hence how sweet some of them are). I also love the  chewy and satisfying texture because it takes slightly longer to eat. However, almost all the bars I’ve tried have had a strong chemical aftertaste that reminds me of being in organic chemistry lab. It’s either that or I’m feeling like I licked a block of chalk. That being said though, I still love SOME flavors (see White Choc Macadamia)!


LUNA Berry Almond

imported-photos-00648Nutritional Info: 180 Calories, 4g fat, 27g carbs, 3g fiber, 9g protein

Luna says: “Juicy berries and crunchy almonds fill this mouthwatering flavor with powerful antioxidants.”

Michelle says: Being a big fan of berries and almonds certainly helped, but the bar itself had an excellent balance of mildly sweet, tart & fruity, and NO CHEMICAL after-taste!!!! Though it was the most sticky LUNA I’ve had, the texture wasn’t a deal-breaker. I loved that there were large dried (and mushy) red berries embedded inside the bar. However, I didn’t see or taste any almonds. This bar was perfect in fueling my workout AND didn’t leave me dying to stuff food in my mouth afterward! (Yay! It must be the Low GI that Clif doesn’t have! Isn’t it strange Clif & Luna are made by the same company?)

Overall Score: 8.5/10 (I’d definitely buy it again and eat it when I’m in the fruity mood!)


LUNA Caramel Nut Brownie


Nutritional Info: 190 Calories, 6g fat, 27g carbs, 4g fiber, 9g protein

LUNA says: “Homebaked goodness of creamy caramel, chocolate chips, crunchy walnuts and rich dark chocolate.”

Michelle says: Luna does not lie! Dark chocolate indulgence is what I have to say about this bar. The texture is chewy thanks to the outer layer of chocolate and a thin layer of caramel just under the top surface. If you enjoy bitter-sweet chocolate, this is a great bar for you! It is definitely at the top of my Luna list of favorite bars. No chemical flavors detected at all!!

Score: 8/10 (wish it were a little lower in fat…but hey! it’s chocolate!)


LUNA Iced Oatmeal Raisin


Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 180 Calories, 3.5g fat, 28g carbs, 3g fiber, 10g protein

LUNA says: “Dreamy flavors of sweet, buttery oatmeal with chewy raisins and a hint of cinnamon on a layer of cream.”

Michelle says: To be fair, this didn’t taste disgusting. I still ate it…for the protein and carbs maybe. But HOLY BEJEEZERS those LUNA taste testers might be smokin’ something or they’re getting their oatmeal raisin cookies from the wrong baker.

With so much choice in bars out there, this totally did not make the cut. I found a few shriveled raisins, hardly any smell of cinnamon you’d expect from an oatmeal cookie, and no oats (but maybe they were ground up and stuffed somewhere.) The only plus side of this bar is that it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like some others, which also was a downfall because it couldn’t mask the bitter flavor that ruminates in your mouth after every bite. Bottom line, eat this if you don’t have high expectations in your oatmeal raisin cookies.

Score: 5/10


LUNA Lemon Zest

imported-photos-000061Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 180 Calories, 4.5g fat, 26g carbs, 3g fiber, 10g protein

LUNA says: “Luscious taste of lemon with a creamy coating and a zing like no other”

Michelle says: Despite liking the lemon flavor, somehow the fake citrus taste lends itself to the chemical after-taste (surprise!) that follows every bite. It made me wonder if the lemon flavor was to try to cover the after-taste or if it was created to enhance the after-taste so tasters might be fooled into thinking the after-taste was ACTUALLY how lemon zest flavor is supposed to taste. Meaning, perhaps the bitterness comes from the “zest”??

Score: 6.5/10 (I am leaning towards buying this again if I buy LUNA)


LUNA Nutz Over Chocolate

imported-photos-00051Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 180 Calories, 4.5g fat, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, 10g protein

LUNA says: “The scintillating taste of peanuts on a bed of rich dark chocolate”

Michelle says: I’m not sure why I bought a heap of these, perhaps because the name of this bar sounded delicious, but every time I eat this bar, I finish it feeling dissatisfied. For some reason, I half expect something more nutty (almond-y? Think a trail mix bar with chocolate.) This bar tastes like I had just downed some cardboard coated with chocolate. I don’t taste the “scintillating taste of peanuts” in this bar and if it weren’t for the chocolate coating, I would definitely NOT shove this down my throat. My taste buds did not appreciate the super strong chemical after-taste. Chocolate saved this bar.

Score: 5.5/10 (I am probably not buying this bar again. Perhaps if I forget what it tasted like)


LUNA S’mores

Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 180 Calories, 4.5g fat, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, 10g protein

LUNA says: “Nostalgic flavors of graham crackers and marshmallows enrobed in chocolate”

Michelle says: All I want to say is. YOU LIED TO ME!!! Your packaging fooled me and I am SO upset that I had to waste 99 cents on chalkboard coated with chemicals that are the farthest things from reminding me of S’mores!!!! GRRRR.

Score: 3/10 (I will NEVER buy this bar again)


LUNA Sunrise Blueberry Bliss

dsc00055Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 170 Calories, 4.5g fat, 26g carbs, 5g fiber, 8g protein

LUNA says: “Each sweet and tangy bite brightens my day AND gets me the nutrition I need! Heritage grains give me sustained energy for a busy day. Simple and delicious!”

Michelle says: Hmm. I actually really liked this bar. Pleasantly surprised by it’s berry jam flavor and the pretty pattern on the bar itself. Luna did a good job with this one! Even the bitter after-taste was minimized so it was not at all unpleasant! Perhaps it is the sweetness…a tad too sweet for the morning, but if it tastes good, it’s ok.

Score: 7/10 (I’ll try other Sunrise flavors first, but I would buy this again)


LUNA White Chocolate Macadamia

imported-photos-00017Price: $0.99 (at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)

Nutritional Info: 190 Calories, 6g* fat, 26g carbs, 3g fiber, 10g protein (*estimates. Not posted on site yet)

Michelle says: This is my favorite LUNA bar because I did NOT taste anything like chalk or chemicals at all! In fact, it tasted rather indulgent. I even stumbled upon a few bits of macadamia nut AND truly enjoyed the “white chocolate” (probably yogurt) coating on the bottom. Fabulous job LUNA!

Score: 9/10 (I will buy this bar again!!)


Raspberry Chocolate

Tastiness: I have come to the conclusion that all the dark brown Luna bars taste the same –pretty good, not too sweet, and no chemical after-taste (unlike the non-chocolate bars). This raspberry chocolate is simply a very chewy, slightly crunchy semi-sweet chocolate flavored energy bar with drizzles of tart berry “icing” over the top. It doesn’t “wow” me in terms of flavor, but I’d buy this again (maybe after white chocolate macadamia)!

Overall: 7.5/10


Luna Sunrise Vanilla Almond

Tastiness:  A nice, sweet, protein-packed start to the day is always a treat. Especially if you’re traveling and on the run. I liked the caramel-textured top to the bar and the yogurt covered bottom because if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine eating a candy bar. However, though there were sliced almonds on the top of this pretty bar, I really didn’t taste much almond flavor (nor much vanilla flavor now that I think about it). Good thing there was no chemical after-taste thanks to the top and bottom coatings, but flavor-wise all this bar is is sweetness and lacks a flavor profile!

Score: 7/10