Frozen Meals

All you ever wanted to know about them before you buy!


Eating Right Lemongrass Chicken ($2 on sale at Dominick’s)


It looks bad, but the sauce tastes authentic and was a surprisingly filling meal. The texture of the chicken however was disappointing. It is clearly “watered-down” chicken patties made to look like chicken chunks, except it doesn’t have the texture nor fibers of normal poultry. I would buy this again though.

Verdict: 7/10!


Eating Right Butternut Squash Ravioli ($2 on sale at Dominick’s)

imported-photos-00129The sauce wasn’t bad (well-seasoned, expected creamy consistency), the veggies were a little soggy, FINE. But out of my 5 decently sized raviolis, 2 were 100% inedible because I couldn’t even chew through the skin!!!! The butternut filling was scant, and even more disgusting were the “golden walnuts” floating in the sauce!! They were coated in a soggy yellow dough shell, and tasted like it too. Gahhh EW!!!

Verdict: 3/10 (and I’m being nice)


Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken and Shrimp ($2.50 at Walmart)

imported-photos-00168Although the dish didn’t have strong “cajun” flavors whatsoever, the red (almost marinara-like) sauce at the bottom gave this dish the right amount of kick to it. I counted about 6 shrimps and ~8 pieces of chicken in the bowl, and there was quite a lot of rice for a microwave meal! It definitely tasted less “preservative-filled” than some Eating Right dishes I’ve had. Paired with some vegetables and fruit, this is a satisfying meal for only 250 calories!

Verdict: 8/10!


Healthy Choice Roasted Chicken Marsala ($2.50 at Walmart)

pictures-from-usb-023I loved how everything tasted -very well seasoned, though again I’m not sure that’s marsala. You have  chicken strips (x3), lots of green beans & sliced mushrooms, and a good portion of pasta. My only complaint is that if I hadn’t added my own veggies and fruit to boost this “dish”, it wouldn’t have been filling for a meal at all.

Verdict: 8/10


Kashi Southwest Style Chicken ($3.49 at Target)


I loved the bold flavors and spices in this dish (from the cumin and fire roasted corn and beans). Definitely not watered down nor overly strong. The grainy pilaf was delightful to eat as it was nutty and flavorful, helping to provide some “chewy” texture to the dish. I was highly impressed and can’t wait to try more flavors.

Verdict: 9/10! (Wish it were bigger!)


Lean Cuisine Spinach, Mushroom, & Chicken Panini ($2 on sale at Dominick’s)

(Obviously, this doesn’t come with brussel sprouts or crackers)

imported-photos-00015A highly satisfying sandwich, but definitely not a panini. The bread came out of the microwave with crunchy edges and a moist/almost soggy middle. Very flavorful and rich-tasting sandwich thanks to what seems like LOADS of cheese. I just wish there were more bits and pieces of veggies in there. BTW I didn’t find any mushrooms whatsoever. *sad* I would try other flavors! Good job Lean Cuisine.

Verdict: 8/10


Lean Cuisine Dinner Time Selects Chicken Tuscan ($2 on sale at Dominick’s)


I really appreciated the larger-than-usual Lean Cuisine size of this dish for just 280 calories. The comination chicken patties in this meal (~5 thumb-sized meats) was a pleasant surprise thanks to the well-seasoned and herb-y flavors. The noodles were slightly soggy and the veggies were far too little, but overall the flavors win! With some added protein and veggies on the side, this makes for quite a delicious meal!

Verdict: 7/10