I used to hate eggs. Especially over-cooked sunny-side ups with a dry cakey yolk and sitting in a little pool of grease. I also hated hard-boiled egg yolks because I always gagged on them. I especially hate the yolks inside moon cake because WHO PUTS a salty egg yolk in a sweet pastry?????? That’s just Nasty. I like my mooncakes plain. Without the yolk.

Super short tutorial– Eating mooncakes during the Mooncake Festival is a Chinese tradition in September that has a romantic story behind it.  These cakes are mainly made up of a white lotus seed paste (very sweet and very tasty) holding the egg yolk at the center of the pastry. It is complicated to make and really quite artistic.


Each of these buggers can contain up to over 1000+ calories thanks to the high amount of lard used to create it. Modern Asia has created mooncakes with 4 yolks now because so many people love how it tastes. They have also created ice-cream versions of this that are really quite delish!

ANYWAYS, I have come to a new appreciation for 2 kinds of eggs, with poached eggs being one of them. Correction, 3 kinds of eggs – the most important one being the ones in my ovaries. The third kind of egg is “lu dan” (like…the ones I made for Chinese New Year). Simple hard boiled eggs that marinate/cook in a pot overnight with some soy sauce, cloves, star anise, 5 spice and a bunch of other herbs. So guess what I’ve been eating for lunch these days?

imported-photos-00087Yeaaaaaaaah….That’s 4 eggs right there. But don’t worry I only had 1.5 yolks because I don’t want to be on lipitor for the rest of my life. And yes, it is normal for the egg whites to be “egg browns.”


Here’s the rest of  lunch. Half a bottle of pickles (heheheheh because they’re quite addictive), probably 3 cups of chicken cabbage noodle soup, 1 handfull of pretzel sticks, and THE 4 eggs). imported-photos-00088

But what is a meal without dessert???  I made myself some hot chocolate along with one of these buggers. An Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt that I got “on sale” at Whole Foods for $0.98 thanks to my highly advanced coupon clipping skills.imported-photos-00081

My verdict of this product was..umm OKAY. I like that it ‘s SO THICK, but it is also SO BLAND for a vanilla flavored yogurt!!! *sigh* I think I will return to plain yogurt and squirt honey on top the next time around. If you can’t tell, I was kinda disappointed. 😦 But at least 10% of it is free!

imported-photos-00070I love hot chocolate after a meal (especially if my tummy feels cold) to get my chocolate AND dessert fix all at once! I used to only drink the Nestle diet hot chocolate (only 25 calories a pack! wooow) but this one is from Swiss Miss, which I find CLUMPS UP a lot more. I hate finding globs at the bottom of my mug. However I’ve learned that if you stir vigorously enough and for long enough, the clumps do tend to disappear!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’m heading to Adobo Grill for dinner tonight with Nick and then a birthday party for my friend Ed.

Yay!!! Happy Friday guys!!Well, I heart you’re still reading up to this point, but I’ll heart you even more if you leave me suggestions on what I can get my boyfriend (of almost 2 years) for Valentine’s day!???!! ANY suggestions are highly welcomed!! (P.s. Electric toothbrush?)