Thanks to a $25 gift certificate from, Nick and I decided on Adobo Grill for dinner. The biggest draw of this restaurant is probably that they make the guacamole FRESH right at your table! The so-so food at Adobo Grill didn’t wow either of us.

Between the two of us, we shared 3 appetizers and 1 main dish. We were full, but without the gift certificate, dinner would have been $60. NOT worth it, according to our standards.

RATING (out of 5):

Taste: 3.5 (Above average)

Originality: 3.75 (close to 4, but not quite there yet. Dishes on the menu were what you’d expect at a Mexican joint)

Plating: 3 (not blown away whatsoever)

Value: 4 (but only because we had a coupon for $25 off)

Service/Atmosphere: 4 (Romantic and hip atmosphere with great service)

Guacamole $7.99

Adobo’s famous guac prepared tableside


Our favorite dish for the night. We asked for it to be “spicy” and it came out so flavorful and tasty that we polished off an entire basket of chips that came with the guac. Here’s the lady preparing the guac beside our table.


Tasting of 3 ceviches $14.95

Tilapia with red & yellow peppers, capers, olives, jalapeño & avocado, Shrimp with classic Mexican cocktail sauce, avocado and pico de gallo, & tuna marinated in ginger-soy sauce, avocado, red onion and jícama


I liked the tuna most thanks to the sweet mango and ginger-soy sauce while Nick enjoyed the shrimp most. However, I thought the shrimp tasted like it was bathing in ketchup while he thought the tuna was way too sweet. Neither of us thought this was a particularly memorable plate as the ceviches seemed over-priced and not at all as delicious as the ones we had at Zoccalo and Carnivale.

The MAIN course…


Pollo al Tamarindo $15.99

Grilled half chicken in tamarind-chipotle glaze with molcajete salsa, guacamole & charro beans


This is half an order as Nick and I split one entree. We both agreed that the tamarind-chipotle sauce was a definite SWEET winner. The chicken was cooked perfectly in it and went perfectly with the 4 small soft taco shells the dish was served with. Nick wasn’t a big fan of the beans and we both agreed the guacamole that came with the dish was sub-par compared to the one prepared at our table.

This was a hot appetizer that came with our main dish. It was basically octopus and potato sauteed together. It isn’t on the online menu, so it may be a seasonal dish. $8.49


Overall, I was disappointed by the ceviches, but the guacamole and the chicken marinade was wonderful and memorable.

Worth it if you have a $25 gift certificate like we did!

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