Where do I begin???

What a wonderful, food-filled weekend starting with dinner at Adobo Grill on Friday (which was…just ok. Read the review here.) Saturday was the MOST useless day I’ve had all week as I slept, ate, napped, grocery shopped, ate, and slept. LITERALLY. The NICE thing is though that I hardly spend any $$$ at all. muhahahhahahah SCORE. AND I got paid. SCORE SCORE!! AND Nick made me brunch in bed this morning!! SCORE SCORE SCORE!!! (How superbowl appropriate)

Let’s start from Saturday night. Our home made meal of homemade cornbread, panko chicken Parmesan, baked chicken chowder in a spaghetti squash, and my trusty bak choy in chicken broth.

Let’s start from the homemade FLUFFY cornbread. 🙂 It hit the spot AND it was healthy!


These next two panko crusted chicken parmesan pictures are Nick’s creation. He breaded them in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and then pan fried them. The 3rd picture shows the chicken covered in tomato sauce and oven baked to melt the cheese. Although his chicken thighs were cooked PERFECTLY, we both agreed the panko breadcrumbs were very very doughy tasting. (THANK god for tomato sauce. I probably added another cup to my piece so I wouldn’t taste all the dough.) img_1591img_1597

Here we have a spagehetti squash that i halved and seeded, then filled with a can of Cambell’s Healthy request chunky chicken corn chowder (on sale for $0.99 this weekend! yay! I love deals!). Definitely am improvised recipe to get Nick to eat some veggies. hehehe. He LOVED it actually, though the squash somehow tasted rather muddy. We only finished one of these. CORRECTION, I finished one of them….hehe but he finished most of the chicken parm) img_1595

Need I explain my favorite way to cook veggies in this entire world??? 1 scoop of chicken broth powder plus shitake mushrooms (we buy them dried and pre-cut) makes the perfect broth to cook any kind of vegetable. Here we have the bak choy. 🙂img_1532

A fabulous dinner overall that ended with one of these! A DEADLY turtle cupcake from Molly’s cupcakes. This is literally a brownie cupcake filled with caramel. I had a giant bite without the frosting. Frankly, this cupcake had way too much frosting…it’s kinda sick. Anyway, this cupcake inspired me to bake today as you’ll see!


According to Molly’s, the Turtle Cupcake is: Chocolate cake, caramel center, chocolate ganache and pecan topping.

Fast forward to this morning, Nick made me breakfast just like I like it!!!

My main/salty dish consisted of 2 poached eggs (with runny yolks! yay!), 2 pieces of canadian bacon, and 2 slices of WW toast. I only had one because I had 2 chocolate chip pancakes below. 🙂 I downed this all with TONNES Of ketchup. My favorite!


Nick’s salty plate was an omelette with bacon and cheese. hahah he claimed it was delicious.img_1607

We shared this plate of buckwheat chocolate chip pancakes that Nick created using my Whole Foods pancake mix. They were good, but NOT fluffy at all. SAD. We like our pancakes very very fluffy.img_16061

After brunch, we went to explore Wicker Park/Bucktown, which is an area of Chicago that’s supposed to be fun and hip. They have LOADS of restaurants and boutiques that I’d love to go back to. We parked right in front of Bongo Room, a brunch restaurant that we’ve both been DYING TO GO TO. So needless to say, we were both extremely sad we were full from a homemade brunch. To make ourselves feel better, we went to potbelly’s for a coffee milkshake.


As soon as we got home, I was inspired to make a healthier version of that chocolate cupcake we had the night before. I embarked on a journey to find the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip muffin recipe. I FOUND ONE!!! AND I MODIFIED/Healthified it like I always do. muhahahahaha. The only nuts I had were whole salted macadamia’s  so I had to hammer them. THAT was therapeutic.


img_1629Check these little suckers out. They are chocolate chip macadamia oatmeal muffins. They are the MOISTEST little muffins ever and are packed with nutrition. 1/2 cup semi-sweet choc chips, 1/4 cups of oil, 1 egg…these are the only marginally “sinful” ingredients in this entire recipe. I HIGHLY recommend them! Click here for the recipe. What’s YOUR favorite healthified recipe??

Now say “Ahhhhh…”


Hope your weeked was fabulous!! It’s time for dinner!