I started this morning with a crazy looking oatmeal thanks to the blueberry yogurt and a mix of puffins & kix over the top floating in a splash of milk. Unfortunately, you can’t see the pretty frozen berries, but don’t worry! They’re there!!!!


I apologize for being unable to EVER make my oatmeal look appetizing.

Lunch was very exciting as I got to use up all my liquid egg-whites from Trader Joe’s…which expired Jan 12 2009 (according to the label). I say, HO HUM they taste just fine. Now I’d like to introduce you to the best friend of all the eggs in my fridge….

Mr. Egg Poacher

Mr. Egg Poacher

I filled the egg-side with a serving of expired egg whites and closed the lid, then popped it in the microwave for 45 seconds exactly. (On the left side you can microwave bacon!)

imported-photos-00101UH HUH. That’s cooked eggs for ya in 45 seconds. I wouldn’t call it a “poached egg” thought that is what the manufacturer calls it (maybe I’m just zapping it for too long), but for a lazy person like me, this product is too fabulous. Below is a picture of my masterpiece in progress. On the left, you have chipotle salsa. On the right you have my egg whites.


I added some diced tomatoes into the concoction and re-heated it before serving.


Moving on the complete lunch…

imported-photos-00105There are the eggs and salsa on the lower left. I served this with dressing over a salad and a toasted English muffin (the other half was in my stomach by this point). On the left, I have my macadamia chocolate chip oatmeal muffin, which is still super-moist today BY THE WAY. So you should make some! šŸ˜›

Still moist! I didn't lie!

Still moist! I didn't lie!

I am a big mindless muncher, and after lunch I was craving something sweet…(again) but instead had some of these Wheat Crisps. I had more than I should have because they’re SO light and crispy and yummy.


I also want to add that I think Kashi bars pre-work out trumps most of the Luna bars I’ve had so far. My class last night was called “Sexy Bodies”….muahahahahahah. I find that hilarious for some reason. I’m assuming all of the 3 men in the class also want to have a “sexy body” like the 40 other females, BUT *sigh* I realized I have a huge issue with MEN hogging ellipticals and MEN taking up precious space in already over-crowded gym classes designed for women. (don’t judge…I’m trying to work through this…)

ANYWAYS, Good job Kashi for making yummy tasting bars!!! There were REAL caramel corn pieces in this bar and it didn’t taste like chemicals! woohoo!!imported-photos-00099

Dinner last night was pretty much what I had for lunch today, so no posts necessary! Just imagine lunch x2. I hope everyone enjoyed this lazy way of making a TASTY protein-packed meal. Have a fabulous Tuesday!!!

P.s. Thanks to everyone who suggested Valentine’s day gifts. I ordered an electric toothbrush from amazon today! šŸ™‚