Last night sucked BIG time.



Not only did I not make it to the gym (I talked myself into believing I was feeling light-headed and would pass out on the bike) I also over-indulged at dinner and snacked RECKLESSLY afterward. (Think 2 packs of popcorn, yogurt, god-knows-how-much cereal, 2 pears, stupid addictive tomato basil Wheat Thins, and aΒ  Kashi chocolate almond bar) and….yes, all AFTER dinner. I totally fell of the bandwagon and spent the entire evening in bed cringing over how crappy of a human being I am. THIS is what I mean by emotional eating…I felt bad for skipping the gym so I mindlessly stuffed food into my mouth.

Lesson Learned #1: Food tastes much better when you’re hungry

Lesson Learned #2: Don’t EVER talk yourself into believing you’re sick when you’re not. (Unless you get a REALLY awesome perk…like a free massage)

Lesson Learned #2: Pick yourself up again the next day and start over. No matter how disgusting of a human you think you are.

I continued today as normal although I’m still upset at myself. Nevertheless, let us get to today’s eats. I guess I gotta forgive myself at some point and move on. On that note, I think today’s oatmeal looked a little more appetizing! Yay!


My frozen berries, banana, and a container of blueberry yogurt all in one bowl of oatmeal.

imported-photos-00117I also had a handful of salted nuts for a snack before lunchtime. Despite eating so much last night, my body was programmed to crave breakfast. I was starved by the time I ate this bowl of oatmeal, but wasn’t too hungry when lunch time rolled around. Thank you nuts!!!

Scrumptious Lunch

Scrumptious Lunch

Here I present to you my AMAZING lunch. I thought it was going to be bland because it was pretty much the same as yesterday’s lunch, but little did I know the power of pickles (half a jar) and chipotle pepper hummus. As you can see above, I have the same tomato & egg mixture, that salad, and that english muffin as I did yesterday, but whoever discovered that hummus tastes freakin’ fabulous on a salad is a true genius!!!!!Β  You also see a snack pack of honey-braided pretzels twists and an orange.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a method of orange peeling that will NOT require fingernails and NOT require orange fibers stuck beneath your nails. *gasp*

Step 1: Grab yourself a fork

"section" the orange peel into ~5 wedges

Step 2: "section" the orange peel into ~5 wedges

Peel the wedges using your fork

Step 3: Peel the wedges using your fork

All peeled! Now enjoy!

All peeled! Now enjoy!

Ok, this part you might consider using your fingers to pry the pieces apart, but if you insist on a no fingers approach, feel free to continue with the fork.

So after this lunch, I was pretty satisfied and snuggled with my usual cup of hot chocolate and these guys. Oh what a tasty treat!


A while ago, we had a visitor bring in some Cherry Pistachio Biscotti. I LOVE Biscotti. I don’t bake them anymore because I would finish the whole batch in one sitting. So to my dearest readers…do you see a recurring theme here??? My lack of self-control when it comes to snacking?? Especially after meals, my sweet tooth attacks me and I just…eat!

Well, I’m going to go the gym for sure today. *sigh* It is SO SO SO difficult to stop beating myself over this and it is SO emotionally exhausting! Hopefully I got all my ranting out of the system and I can resume with life. πŸ™‚


On a MUCH brighter note, I bought myself a pretty blue Nike gym bag on for $14.99 with a free shipping code! YAY!!! (Here it is: CATAPLPH8)