Thanks to all the encouraging comments from my last post. 🙂 It is always SO SO ridiculously helpful knowing you’re not going through a mind-battle alone.  I’m pleased to say, I’m back on the bandwagon of “health” – mind and body. Yippeee!!! Thank you guys especially who shared your personal experiences…I feel truly blessed to know people like you, and you, and of course everyone else who cared to share some advice!

Today marks my 21-month with the boyfriend, so funny as this sounds he got me a box of biscotti as a mini-surprise (which he snuck into my bag last night). FUNNY because he had no idea I blogged about biscotti during the day yesterday, and SURPRISE!!! I get to have more today!! Check this out! It’s got oats in it??! *the question mark/skeptical face PLUS two raised eyebrows*And it’s make of “whole grains”???? HRMMMM….

Cranberry, Almond, and OATS?

Cinnamon, Almond, and OATS?

I was greeted by a waft of cinnamon-i-ness as soon as I whipped open the box of Cinnamon, Almond, & Oats Biscotti. 🙂 Always a good sign.


I usually like some kind of dried fruit in my biscotti to counter the dry-ness (I don’t usually dip it in coffee or tea), but I dealt with it today by dipping it in my oatmeal/yogurt concoction *beam with joy*.

Because I had to come in to work extra early today (6am), I knew I had to have one hell of a RIDICULOUS bowl of oatmeal this morning.  I knew I needed some extra substenance. I’m so pleased with my concoction!


imported-photos-00160Don’t be scared! hahah I like variety. ALOT. Here you have a pack of instant oats on the bottom. A half cup of frozen pinapples, frozen mixed berries, and banana sits right above it. Then I topped it with blackberry yogurt, sprinkled it with some Red berry special K and 4 frosted mini-wheats. LAST but not least, I added a splash of milk to let the cereal soak up some moisture (YUM). I highly recommend this concoction. HIGHLY.

imported-photos-00161Mid-morning snack attack. I packed some salted mixed nuts with 3-4 pretzel sticks broken into pieces….and lunch came soon enough! (yay! I love meal times!)

The whole deal

The whole deal

Holy bejeezers, this was a freakin’ satisfying lunch!! Let me break it down because this rice product deserves an honorable mention! Healthy choice has GOT THIS DOWN. Verdict: buy and try! 8.5/10!!!

Cajun Chicken and Shimp Cafe steamer

Cajun Style Chicken and Shimp Cafe steamer

Here it is before I mixed the rice into the sauce below it. Although this didn’t remind me cajun food or spices at all, it was SO tasty and quite a bit larger than those measly Lean Cuisines. Oh, and this whole thing was 250 calories. (I know, WTF I must be in heaven!! Have you seen the finger-nail SIZE of those Lean Cuisines for 350 calories??)

Side Dishes!

Side Dishes!

Pretty self-explanatory stuff I had on top of my hot meal. And now I’m stuffed and having fun blogging , (UH I mean) working.


I’ll be having these as an afternoon snack…how exciting. I love dark chocolate! Dove chocolates are NO Godiva replacements, (but Godiva is over-priced), but my all time favorite are the Ghiradelli Espresso dark chocolates.

So before I forget, I need to put out this warning. Before the gym yesterday, I had one of these. AND EW. It did NOT taste AT ALL like “Iced Oatmeal Raisin”. LUNA totally messed up with this one.

imported-photos-001531To be fair, this didn’t taste disgusting. I still ate it…for the protein and carbs maybe. But HOLY BEJEEZERS those LUNA taste testers might be smokin’ something or they’re getting their oatmeal raisin cookies from the wrong baker.

With so much choice in bars out there, this totally did not make the cut. I found a few shriveled raisins, hardly any smell of cinnamon you’d expect from an oatmeal cookie, and no oats (but maybe they were ground up and stuffed somewhere.) The only plus side of this bar is that it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like some others, which also was a downfall because it couldn’t mask the bitter flavor that ruminates in your mouth after every bite. Bottom line, eat this if you don’t have high expectations in your oatmeal raisin cookies.

YAYYY, now moving on…Did anyone watch Top Chef last night??? BECAUSE Leah should have gone home. Jaime is a freakin’ good chef! GRRRRR.