Someone SHOULD invent pumpkin hummus. πŸ˜› But no, this post isn’t about combining pumpkin & horseradish. sorry!

I am pretty proud of myself for concocting this scrumptious bowl of pumpkin oats. Prior to making this, I had so many fears of screwing it up I ALMOST didn’t attempt to make it.


TheΒ  oats were perfected by the vanilla yogurt and cinnamon I plopped in the middlem though the strawberries didn’t add much but beauty (haha). It’s amazing how much volume 1/2 a cup of pumpkin adds, and all I did was stir it in at the very end! EASY PEASY! It totally held me over till lunch.

Lunch was a super simple/straightforward deal because: 1.) My salad greens were going bad, 2.) My broccoli was going bad, 3.) I have 3 boxes of strawberries, and 4.) I wanted to try my new HORSERADISH hummus from Trader Joe’s!!!

I am not embarrassed to say that I finished all 16 ounces of this. Thank you Hmart for your $0.99 strawberries!!!! (Don’t hate on me now)


On the left, you have a giant salad topped with lotsa hummus. It’s got 1 whole red pepper, some carrots, and some salad greens. On the right, you’ve got a whole head of broccoli with a whole tomato microwaved and tossed with some olive oil, s&p. (I hate raw broccoli)


To all you hummus lovers out there, here is the TJ’s horseradish hummus!! It tastes absolutely amazing over veggies. I love that it has a kick to it from the lemon juice and vinegar in it. If you like horseradish, you’ll probably enjoy this hummus! (By the way, this is also the CHEAPEST store-bought hummus you will probably ever find in a legit store. Don’t know why, but I’m totally buying this again)


I was definitely stuffed from all these wholesome foods after my giant headache last night after the gym (I blame it on hormonal fluctuations). MUHAHAHAHA speaking of the gym I tried my frist spinning class and thought I’d pass out halfway. Yet, DAMN my abs feel so good today!!!!


Back to the eats. Before my work out, I had a snack of LUNA caramel nut brownie and OMG I’m surprised at how good it tastes! I say “surprised” because I’ve been disappointed a few times too many by bars like the S’more.


Here’s what it looks like inside. AND I wanted to mention that for once, the flavor of my Luna bar actually matched the description on the wrapper (unlike the “Iced Oatmeal Raisin” bar). For 190 calories, 10 more than LUNA bars are usually, they’re a good treat! Just don’t expect the soft, chewy, moist texture of a real brownie.


Dinner itself? Hot pot leftovers like I promised. But I added blackbeans and a wonderful Japanese “condiment” furikake (aka dried seaweed & sesame seeds) just because I love color.

Spiced up leftovers!

Spiced up leftovers!

So I really really wanted to show you a fabulous dessert snack/concoction I created last night to prove that UGLY FOOD doesn’t always taste bad!


Anyone tried the new Yoplait light cinnamon roll yogurt?? I HAVE!!! My concotion was Special K protein, vanilla soy milk, and yogurt. Flavor-wise, the yogurt is pretty good. Not amazing, which was what I expected after a wonderful experience withe Lara cinnamon roll bar. BOOOO. Texture-wise, it was SO thick I almost had trouble stirring it into the milk.

So after reading through everyone’s comments on the strangest Asian food you’ve seen…I really have to say you guys are a worldly bunch (and I’m a failed Asian)! Definitely some creepy foods out there. LARVAE?????