So many days, so many meals…where to begin?? OK. Lobster feast on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2009

Two frugal foodies get together on Valentine’s Day = Homemade FEAST. A Nick Vs. Michelle Cook-Off/Challenge.

Brace yourself for food overload, and just remember, all this food was devoured by 2 hungry beasts. 🙂 You be the judge of the winner!


The Bf's Seafood Salad

The Bf's Seafood Salad

Shrimp and Squid were marinated and stir-fried in a EVOO, balsamic, and teriyaki marinade then served on top of a bed of salad


My "Spr-ummer" Pasta Salad

Whole wheat spaghetti noodles were tossed with raspberry vinaigrette marinated and flash-stir-fried broccoli, sliced red & yellow peppers, and garnished with diced mango.

Main Courses

The Bf's Scallops over CousCous

The Bf's Scallops over CousCous

I don’t mean to be a meanie, but this was the only dish we didn’t finish. hahahah. Mainly because the scallops were over-powered by flavor of burnt garlic (which the BF regrets using/over-cooking), and the couscous was literally a ball of dough. Oh, and the dear boy forgot to put in the pack of seasoning that came with it. (teeheehee)

The Bf's Cantonese Black Bean Lobster

The Bf's Cantonese Black Bean Lobster

The bf redeemed himself 150% with his lobster dish. He said the lobster was virtually “fried in a pot of oil” with ginger, garlic, spring onions, and lots of black bean sauce. I can attest to the fact that yes, it was oily, for oil leaked out of every crevice of every piece of divine lobster protein that I ate. aaaa-YYYUUMMMM!!

Proof of its existence

Proof of its existence

I apologize to the vegetarians out there -close your eyes, this was pre-assasination of Mr. Lobster. Apparently he bought two live lobsters that he didn’t realize were alive until they squirmed and flexed their pincers. All I heard were “screams” from the kitchen (i.e. Nick freaking out) while he made his dish.

Michelle's Ratatouille (served with Rosemary flatbread)

Michelle's Ratatouille (served with Rosemary flat bread)

Whatever I made paled in comparison to Nick’s lobster. However, I still think I totally succeeded in making my first ratatouille ever. Here you’re looking at a stew of roma tomatoes, zucchini‘s, red & yellow peppers (Ah! Deja vu!), eggplants, and a bunch of different spices.


Ghetto Asian Style Fondue

Ghetto Fondue

You are looking at a mixture of dark and milk chocolate melted in a bowl bathing in a pot of hot water. We served fondue with a fruit platter and home made pound cake. YEAHH that’s right, NO Sara Lee for me. Muhahahaha.

Fresh, Fluffy & Moist, Pound Cake

Fresh, Fluffy & Moist, Pound Cake

A whole Pineapple, Stawberries, & Blackberries

A whole Pineapple, Strawberries, & Blackberries

The bf actually hacked up an entire pinapple for the fondue. And guess who ate it all?? And guess who only had one slice?? Poor Nick. *sigh* Obviously, there was a tonne of chocolate left over, so ingenious me decided we should do this with an extra box of strawberries we had lying around.


I know, I know, not very original. But very tasty.

Despite dinner being SO incredibly satisfying and the both of us had fun making and eating it…(without going in to too much detail), we got into a “mini-squabble” and sadly went to bed angry at each other. I admit, even tears were shed. *sigh* So much for a romantic Valentine’s DAY. 😦

Sunday Brunch

Good thing for Sunday because we were able to hash out our problem within 24 hours and by brunch on Sunday, we were able to resume to creating more yummies.

Giant Blueberry Waffle

Giant "Heart-Shaped" Blueberry Waffle

I cheated and used the Hungry Jack pancake & waffle mix, but this hit the spot. Nick and I shared this dude, and I had to myself one of these.

The Hidden Pumpkin Oats

The Hidden Pumpkin Oats

No no, don’t be confused. The oats are there! I swear! They’re just at the very bottom of my puffins, special K protein and strawberries. 😛

Nick's "main" course

Nick's "main" course

My man has a big sweet tooth and he opted to eat a little ramekin of pound cake for brunch.

Sunday Dinner

You all must be so bored of this by now, but we had hot pot again for dinner. IT. WAS. EVEN. BETTER. the 2nd time around. One half was miso broth, and the other chicken, and we added sugar snap peas, edamame, and udon on top of our usual.


Half chicken broth, Half Miso broth

I hope you’re not too shocked by the amount of food that went into this weekend. No worries, I am back on the “lighter” meals for the rest of this week until Friday and Saturday. ARGGGG. In which case I’ll be eating 3 course dinners at the Four Season’s and NoMi for Chicago Restaurant week.