Barney Butter says, “It’s just like peanut butter but better because it’s made from almonds!”

Michelle says, “I would have to agree with that completely!”


Thank you Jennifer Barney (founder & owner) for my virgin voyage with almond butter! Here I present smooth Barney Butter!


I tried Barney with some raspberry jam & almond butter on an English Muffin! I also tried some with pretzel sticks. (Definitely like it better on the muffin with jam. That sweet and creamy combo is just more awesome.)


First Impressions

Smell – I was hoping for a stronger nut fragrance like PB. Instead, it was had a really light nut scent that I could have easily mistaken for a jar of PB held far away. I ended up slathering much more on my muffin just so I could smell it better!

Texture – The lid had super thick gloppy butter that could not be licked off (I tried) so I ended up scraping it with a knife. Inside,  it seemed silkier on the top and thicker on the bottom. I loooved the super-smooth consistency.


Stats (per 2 tablespoons): 180 calories, 15g fat, 8g carbs, 3g fiber, 6g protein

Taste – HM. It definitely reminded me of peanut butter, but flavor-wise almond butter isn’t as rich and “nutty” as PB (which can be overwhelming). I really loved its smooth, creamy consistency that it was so easy to spread on the muffin – which unlike PB is almost TOO sticky. I kinda like it straight out of the jar & licked off a spoon!

I feel – healthier (since almonds are more “nutritious” than peanuts)! I also feel satisfied – it hit the spot! But I’m not addicted to it YET.

Verdict – If I was a bigger PB fan, I’d be a HUGE almond butter fan. And if BB costs the same as PB, I would TOTALLY make the no-brainer switch to Barney!! I am totally trying this with apples!