Some people eat chocolate for a treat. Others do cake. I do ice-cream, and CHINESE BAKERY BUNS!!!! (P.s. a free meal awaits you at Kashi!)

Trust me, I’ve become a bakery connoisseur! Let me now show you my love for Chinese bakeries and how buns fit into my day! Here’s is the collection – minus an egg tart and a sponge cake.

The Bakery Bun Assemblage minus what I ate

The Bakery Bun Assemblage minus what I ate

Introducing from the left, clockwise: Paper-wrapped sponge cakes (x3), Traditional Egg tarts (x2), Hot dog bun (x1), Taro-filled bun (x1)


Can’t escape that usual bowl of oatmeal, though for some reason I wasn’t hungry on Monday morning at all! (Which is rare.)


Includes a pack of Quaker original oats, light & fit strawberry banana yogurt, frozen blackberries & grapes, and a banana with a splash of skim milk.

imported-photos-00416Worked super hard all morning after that getting updated with more work stuff while snacking on some nuts. BORING. Suddenly, lunch rolled around and…I wasn’t famished (surprise! again!).


imported-photos-00491My Main course consisted of a toasted english muffin spread with honey mustard, deli turkey meat, a bed of romaine (which were bitter :(), and TONNES of baby carrots (cuz I love them!) but dessert was ever more FANTABULOUS!!!! My paper-wrapped sponge cake awaits me! muahahahah.

Paper-Wrapped Sponge Cake!

Paper-Wrapped Sponge Cake!

My favorite Cantonese bun/cake of all time, this guy is a fluffy, moist, almost chiffon cake-like bakery good that tastes like nothing but sweet vanilla! Chinese bakeries in Chicago (in general) usually make them about 100% larger than what you would find in Hong Kong. The “traditional” sized buns have ~150 calories, but since this was double the size, I’m guessing more around 300.


I was super pumped for my workout yesterday after a long day of meetings (I’m ALWAYS missing my usual class “Sexy bodies” now!! I think it’s the name. muahhaha) I was also psyched to try a new bar – as I always am! This is the Balance Bare in Trail Mix Cinnamon Oats & Honey.

imported-photos-00494This 210 calorie bar had a good 15g of protein and AMAZING flavor. I really have to say, this is my favorite Balance Bar ever, reminding me slightly of a luna bar crossed with a kashi bar, but without the chemical after-taste!! Verdict: 9/10!! I will totally buy this again!

Taste: If you close your eyes, I want to say this was just like a nuttier, chewier version of an iced oatmeal cookie. Lots of cinnamon, lots of almonds, airing on the side of being a little too sweet, but it was like a “healthy” treat! Oooh and it smelled so good…

Texture: Chewy, the top was sticky, I liked the yogurt coating on the base, and very nutty! There were almonds wedged all throughout the bar and gave a great crunch to the bar!!


My tummy was growling by the end of my workout and was super excited to eat. The kind boyfriend made turkey chili using a whole box of ground turkey, canned tomatoes, onions, and HOT chili seasoning. (YUM, I love spicy things)


I ate my share of chili with 2 slices of Arnold WW bread, and ended up going back for 4 more spoonfuls. I’m estimating I had about 2 cups of chili?Β  (in my opinion, this bread is too dense and relatively low in fiber for the # of calories you get in a slice.)


What is dinner without bakery goods??? I had a Chinese egg tart, which I ONLY like if it doesn’t taste yolky. This bakery has the recipe down.


The crust was super flaky and so crumbly it would have fallen apart if you didn’t eat it in the tin shell. The filling was cold, silky, and creme brulee-like (without the crunchy top). It had a sweet and slightly eggy taste, blended with a hint of vanilla. Read here for more info. on the egg tart – they usually run around ~200 calories apiece, so it’s a good occasional treat. πŸ™‚

That ended my indulgent day of bakery treats. If you’re EVER in Chicago and need a recommendation on buns, give me a holler! PLEASE! I insist!! Now, there is only one question remaining…

What are the healthiest foods (meals and snacks!) you eat pre & post workout???