I feel like there’s a dinosaur in my belly sometimes!!! Yesterday was one of those days and I have to practice super-restraint/self-control to keep from noshing all day long because I kept getting hungry. But I think I did OK and didn’t go overboard?! I wonder if the insatiable appetite comes from working out…

Break my faaast

Dang I was hungry in the morning. I whipped up some oatmeal with kiwi lime yogurt, half a banana, and a whole bunch of frozen blackberries & grapes. NYUUUM! I love regular yogurt in oatmeal!


I snacked on some of these cinnamon brown sugar almonds in between breakfast and lunch. This flavor is AWESOME!!!


Dinner for Lunch

Lean Cuisine’s don’t fill me up. Dinnertime selects PLUS some extra peas and home-baked teriyaki chicken helped to make my lunch delicious!! I’m actually super impressed with this particular Chicken Tuscan Dinner meal.


After combining peas and chicken into my “dinner”, I decided that this frozen meal exceeded my expectations!!! I tried to put my chicken and the tuscan chicken next to each other so you can compare.


My verdict of this frozen meal is that it is a BUY!!! The dinner was only 280 calories and I really loved the flavor of the chicken! The meat was definitely grounded up and recombined with spices, so it was more like chicken patty fingers? I also enjoyed the flavorful sauce. I guess I just wish there were more veggies, but otherwise, nYummmm!


I definitely wasn’t hungry after my main course, but the apple was VERY necessary. The popcorn? I probably could have skipped, but I reaaally wanted to try this product. Surprisingly, it had more than 10 kernels of popcorn. muahhaha. Sponge cake I COULD NOT skip. 😛



Clearly, this once was a giant, gorgeous German Chocolate cake. It was a co-workers birthday and the firm ordered this just for her! (awww) I resisted the temptation to cut myself a slice and walked by it about 4 times before I took this picture. And then I caved.


LUCKILY, I hate dried,  flaked coconut in all shape and form. So I only ate the moist chocolate spongy cake and left all the icing. muahahahaah

By 5:30pm…

I heard my tummy grumble. IS something wrong with me? Is there a beast in my stomach?? Or maybe frozen meals don’t cut it on the satisfaction scale. But I had a Clif Kid Z bar in apple cinnamon.


I must say, I loved how moist the bar was! Just picking it up pretty much squished it out of shape. Great snack to fuel a workout!

Dinner Time!

I don’t like cooking when I’m tired, but this just TOO EASY. I threw a whole Cauliflower, a pack of shirataki noodles (authentic Japanese stuff, as you can see), spinach, and a can of Amy’s black bean veggie soup into a pot and cooked it for 20 minutes.


There was SO much food in that pot I actually packed some for lunch. MWAHAHAHHA And because I’m so proud of this delicious creation, I will unveil it in my lunch post tomorrow so you get a double dose of awesomeness. OK. Actually, I just devoured dinner to quickly for a picture.


For a sweet dessert, I KNEW I had to try another Gnu bar flavor! So here was my banana walnut bar that really was quite fabulous. It’ll disappoint if you’re expecting banana bread, but I did like the lightly banana-ed, not too sweet, and walnut studded bar. One turn-off though: there are little round bits of an unknown ingredient throughout that gave the bar a strange texture – a mix between crunchy and chewy, but not in a pleasant way. I wonder what that could be??

Kick of the day!

Muhahahah get my post title? It’s a pun!!! Mwhahahah.

I got Barney Butter in the mail today and I’m SUPER SUPER excited to use it…but I don’t really have any ideas on how to eat is apart from an Almond Butter & Jam Sandwich!?? 😦

imported-photos-00511HELP! Anyone have suggestions on how to eat my Barney Butter? (I’m kinda scared of this in oatmeal to be honest)

What do you do with your Almond Butter?