Breakfast looks like this when you’re falling more and more in love with pumpkin.

I used 1/4 of a can just to get the last bits out. Frozen blackberries all mixed in with cinnamon, and topped with kiwi lime yogurt.


SOOOOO satisfying I didn’t even need an AM snack!

Shirataki Lunch Mess

I got to bust out the Barney Butter for the first time and I totally did an Almond butter and jam on English muffin combo. Combined with my Teriyaki baked chicken, bowl of mess/my pride and joy of the week, a giant Sunkist orange, and Fresca!!


I know…you’re thinking, WHATΒ  THE?

No worries, you’re not the first. My co-worker stares at my bowl and goes, “Holy Crap!” I know. I know. ACTUALLY, I’m very proud of my veggie-shirataki-bean-fest. Here are the raw ingredients I used.


And it was BLISS in my mouth. Amy’s thick black bean veggie soup went super well with my other fresh ingredients and gave it all the flavor I needed! All I had to do with chop and dump everything into a pot and cook for 20 minutes. Yum Yum.


Clearly, lunch was awesome. I’m not sure my co-workers think so, but who cares?

“Barney’s friends are big & small…”

It’s the Barney song!!? ? I had it going through my head the whole time I was trying out my BB. teeheehee. Thank you Barney for my virgin voyage and thank you commenters for your recommendations on how to eat almond butter!

You’re lookin’ at a raspberry jam & almond butter English Muffin, as you’ve suggested! Sorry, but I won’t be showing any pics of me licking spoons today. muhahah


First Impressions

Smell – I was hoping for a stronger nut fragrance like PB. Instead, it was had a really light nut scent that I could have easily mistaken for a jar of PB held far away. I ended up slathering much more on my muffin just so I could smell it better!

Texture – The lid had super thick gloppy butter that could not be licked off (I tried) so I ended up scraping it with a knife. Inside,Β  it seemed silkier on the top and thicker on the bottom. I loooved the super-smooth consistency.


Taste – HM. It definitely reminded me of peanut butter, but flavor-wise almond butter isn’t as rich and “nutty” as PB (which can be overwhelming). I really loved its smooth, creamy consistency that it was so easy to spread on the muffin – which unlike PB is almost TOO sticky. I kinda like it straight out of the jar & licked off a spoon!

I feel – healthier (since almonds are more “nutritious” than peanuts)! I also feel satisfied – it hit the spot! But I’m not addicted to it YET.


I tried some with pretzel sticks. (Definitely like it better on the muffin with jam. That sweet and creamy combo is just more awesome.)

Verdict – If I was a bigger PB fan, I’d be a HUGE almond butter fan. And if BB costs the same as PB, I would TOTALLY make the no-brainer switch to Barney!! I am totally trying this with apples!

Nut Treat

I don’t have these often, but Peanut M&M’s are HANDS DOWN my favorite M&M’s. Despite being the biggest almond & dark chocolate fan ever, even the dark-chocolate almond M&M’sΒ  don’t come close.


I worked hard all afternoon until gym time.

Clif fell of a cliff

After my last Clif bar 2 years ago, I almost wasn’t ready for this experience. I tried a Clif Carrot Cake bar. Unfortunately, I did not feel good after eating this. In fact, I felt crappy for a while! It might have been the bars general OVER (x5) sweetness or maybe the gummy texture of the carrot pieces…but my body just didn’t feel like I did it a favor by downing this bar.

Now, my taste buds on the other hand enjoyed the carrot cake-like fragrance and flavor, but the chewy, stickiness of the bar got in the way of total bliss and again, it was WAY TOO SWEET for me.


I felt fine during my workout, but after my workout, I was CRAVING more sugar. I believe I was suffering from a sugar crash. A double check on the bar 46grams of carbs totally SHOCKED me. 21grams of the carbs are straight up from sugar. Despite it only being 240 calories, all the other bars I’ve ever tried have been <30g of carbs with most of them being in the 20’s range.

Dinner was literally a sugar overload. I’m embarrassed and frankly, a little upset. Let me know if you’ve had a different experience with Clif bars!

What is your WORST bar experience?? Are there any products awesome bloggers should never EVER try?

P.s. Katie is giving away a box of Jocolat bars for her giveaway! Yay freebies!