Hope everyone’s weekend has been super duper so far! This is going to be a brief post for me with no intellectual thoughts/sharing (right…)because I gotta run to a SEAFOOD DINNER in Chinatown in a bit, but I still wanted to share pics from 2 of my favorite Chicago restaurants in town! And yes, this is a selfish post to mention more giveaways. πŸ˜›

Last night was a beastly feast, starting from 6pm.

Friday Night Snack

I was desperately hungry by 6 (dinner was at 8:15) so I made a big dent with my roomie in this bag of AWESOME Trader Joe’s sticky rice snack crackers during our 15 minutes of boy-talk. They are taaasty and a nice crispy, light snack for hungry peeps.


Japanese rice crackers are made of rice flour and baked till they’re poofed, then coated with a thin layer of sweet ‘n salty soy sauce. They’re definitely more sticky than the traditional kind, that often comes also wrapped in seaweed.

dinnaaar @ RJ Grunts

I talked myself into believing this was one of my top favorite restaurants in Chicago after I found out it’s in Obama’s top 5 in town, but I’ve changed my mind. The sandwiches are a complete flop, but luckily the salad & soup buffet keeps this restaurant still on the map.

At the restaurant, the Bf and I had an unofficial challenge to see who could handle more rounds. I believe I won. πŸ˜› Watch.

Round 1.


I went crazy at the salad bar with the toppings. On the bottom of mixed greens, and on the top I had fresh red beets, chickpeas, red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, mexican bean salad, edemame, corn, loads of marinated mushrooms (YUUUUM), and some greek salad (which I didn’t enjoy because I hate olives).


The boyfriend has a small bowl (unpictured) of just greens, and then a plate of various elements of the salad bar, including beets, marinated mushrooms, peas, corn, a potato salad, and a bacon cauliflower salad (in the center).


Round 2 – Mains

I ordered a terriyaki chicken sandwich for $8.50, which sounded awesome but tasted AWWWFUL!!! I ended up eating exactly half of the dish. Gahhh WHY???

  1. First, we were shocked when I picked up the sandwich and oil literally dripped down my fingers from the buttery bread. Pretty gross when you realize even the chips seemed grease-less compared to the sandwich.
  2. Secondly, the chicken and onions were UNSEASONED apart from the butter they sauteed the onions in. Apparently, the terriyaki sauce is on the side (in that little tin). You can’t describe the dish as “chicken breast soaked in a marinade of soy, pineapple, balsamic vinegar & chives, then grilled and topped with sauteed onions and lettuce & tomato” if you serve a greasy, tasteless chicken sandwich. LIES!!!!
  3. Thirdly, I have never had such a measly piece of chicken pounded SO THIN from a restaurant ever in my life. EVER!!! FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!


Nick ordered the French dip enigma sandwich for $8.95. RJ Grunts described it as starts out credibly enough with our authentic, juicy, tender roast beef with au jus and horseradish sauce served on italian garlic bread.” Nick says, the best part of the dish were the chips. His meat was tasteless and dry. When he dipped the sandwich into the onion-soup like sauce, it was almost far too salty for his liking. Overall…FAIL. He claims to have finished it because he was just that hungry. Poor boy.


Round 3 for me…

So turned off by that sandwich, I went back to the salad bar and got soup from the bar as well. I mixed the two choices they had – a tomato bisque and a vegetarian minestrone soup. The soups, RJ’s has it down. I like them both.


Round 4 for me…

I liked it so much, I had another round of the vegetarian minestrone with a crispbread.


Round 5 for me…

Finally, I went back to the salad bar for their fruits. I put some of everything on my plate, and then went back a second round for half a plate of cherry jello.


GAME OVER. The boy stopped after his entree and I did about 6 visits to the salad bar all together. I believe I won. muhahahaa.

Thank GOD you can’t mess up fruits, veggies, and luckily, SOUP! We were so darn stuffed after dinner we went to Dominick’s for an hour to walk it off grocery shop. For a review on RJ grunts, check the reviews page soon.

R.J. Grunts on Urbanspoon


Woke up Saturday morning too late and actually MISSED a routine Dr’s appointment, causing me to crave my #1 favorite Chicago eatery.

Lunchin’ at PITA INN!

My favorite restaurant by far these days is my best friend Pita Inn. πŸ™‚ For $6.55 you can get a yummy yummy chicken shawarma on fatoush salad topped with pita croutons. I love their hot sauce and the tahini yogurt sauce…as you can tell.


For just a little under $2, you can get a tasty house-made hummus with warm pita!


The boyfriend got himself a chicken shawarma pita sandwich, which is also one of my favorites for around $4. IT IS SERIOUSLY SOOOOO GOOD.


The best way to end an awesome lunch?? Caffeine from next door! DD’s iced coffee! (Yes, with cream AND sugar, but that’s because that is the boys favorite)


Pita Inn’s full review will be up super soon, but now I REALLY have to run!

I hope everyone has gotten a go at entering themselves at my Barney Butter giveaway, I just WISH there was wayyyyy more to give to you all!!

Stay tuned for how to make egg tarts at home. πŸ™‚


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