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Macaroni & Cheese

How I made it: Cooked the pasta according to directions and added 3 oz smoked turkey (shredded), and 2 heaping tbs Smart Balance light butter to beef up the texture, as suggested.

dsc02556Flavor: The final product has a very mild cheese flavor, though the color looks wonderful. It is like a well-made instant macaroni and cheese product that is not as pungent as the “norm”, which to some M&C lovers, probably means that it is too flavorless. With more seasoning, and even baked into a casserole with appropriate toppings, this has potential to SHINE and replace all other unhealthy alternatives!

Texture: I added butter according to directions to make the otherwise, slightly runny M&C into the thicker, traditional “blob” that we’re used to. The cooked pasta was just like every other kind of al dente elbow macaroni (delicious), and the overall consistency of the dish (all the works) is perfectly satisfying and rich-tasting.

Overall: 8/10. With more seasoning during the cooking process and additional creative add-ins (like meats or turkey bacon etc.) this is a great healthy alternative to the traditional M&C. Baked into a casserole, it could definitely fool someone into believing it’s indulgent…just not the SUPER indulgent kind.