Navitas Naturals Says, “NN is your premier source for the finest organic super foods. We have traveled the globe, searching for ancient plants that increase energy and enhance health. We invite you to experience a culinary journey that brings these healthy traditions to the modern day lifestyle…”

Michelle says, “Unique delicious products that heighten the quality of your pantry and challenge your culinary creativity by incorporating these wholesome, natural foods into your daily life. I’m loving how versatile these products can be!”


Mic from Navitas has SO generously sent me an array of amazing products to review, along with a water bottle and a recipe book to teach me how to incorporate these goods into my own recipes! Thank you so much!!!


Please visit the NN website for MUCH more information!


Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


Natvitas says: “Our coconut palm sugar is produced in Indonesia where farmers have harvested the nectar from coconut palm trees for herbal medicine and food for centuries..Palm sugar is a healthy alternative sweetener that has a lower glycemic index (GI35) than cane sugar, agave or honey…”

Michelle says: Used in recipes as a replacement for sugar, either sweet or savory seems to work perfectly well for this product! I treat it like brown sugar as it does not have much coconut flavor at all! The color looks more raw and natural than regular sugar, plus the “coconut” in the name already puts it higher in the “exotic” scale in my book! I love that is has a lower GI too!

Recipes I’ve used this product in…

Sprinkled on pita and baked to make Home-baked Pita Chips – DELICIOUS with curry!


Replacing 2 tablespoons of sugar in making a green tea frappuccino at home!


In replacement of brown and white sugar to bake oatmeal choc chip cookies!



Goji Berries & Acai Powder

raw ingredients steel cut oats

I made into irish oatmeal for breakfast!

steel cut oats in potThe Goji Berries are lightly sweetened and combined perfectly with the irish oats.

The Acai powder on the other hand provided mildly sweet and a slightly tart herbal flavor. It also gave the lovely purple color!