Toufayan Bakery says: “Toufayan Bakery was founded in 1926. Toufayan’s success and longevity are based upon our principals of:

  • -The highest quality and consistent bakery products
  • -Innovativeness
  • -Brand recognition
  • -AIB Superior Rating

The wonderful folks at Toufayan Bakeries sent me a giant box of pitas and wraps to review! Because there were so many packets, I got to share ‘em with my co-workers.



Wheat Wraps

Unusual, but I used to HATE HATE HATE wraps!!! We never had them when I lived in Hong Kong, but in college, the wrap skins were thick and dry (like bagels – another dry thing I always end up choking on). I’ve changed my  mind now thanks to Toufayan!


These wraps were pliablesoft, and moist so I could easily roll up the insides without ingredients falling all over the place, and they were the perfect thickness! (Thin) I think my bf would like this because it doesn’t taste very “wheat-y”, even though it is! The WW wraps are 160 calories, 3g of fat, 3g of fiber, and 6g of protein.


Random: Wrap Idea for you!


This DELICIOUS wrap (and I would eat this every day, all week) contains a spreading of sun-dried tomato & basil hummus,6 slices of deli honey-roasted turkey meat, a pack ot steamfresh brussel sprouts (yum!!!) and as much spinach as I could stuff into the wrap.

I know the brussel sprouts seem a little strange, but I love the warmth and juicyness of the steamed veggies. They also have a natural sweetness to them that compliment the bold hummus & turkey flavors. Try it!!