Vitalicious says, “Our delicious, 100 calorie Vitamuffins and Vita Tops are packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to keep you going throughout the day.”

The Vitalicious company offers muffins, muffin tops, mixes, and even cakes that are low fat, high in fiber (4-7g each), cholesterol & trans-fat free!


Indeed, I am a lucky lady. A Super Sampler Pack from the AWESOME Ira over at Vitalicious. I’ve been dying to try their products for…FOREVER to see if all the hype is for real!!


To keep things fair, I will specify the method of preparation before I devour my product, as well as what other foods (if any) that I ate it with.


Velvety Chocolate VitaTop

imported-photos-00719Method of Heating: Microwave on high for 30 seconds

I loved the warmth from microwaving it, as well as how the sprinkle of chocolate chips over the top of the muffin melted away.

Method of Eating: Over a bowl of plain Greek Yogurt mixed with chocolate PB2

I wouldn’t recommend doing this combo. The tartness of the yogurt doesn’t mesh well at all with the sweet Vitatop!


Taste: The muffin was less rich and chocolate-y than I imagined it would be from that intense dark brown color. The cocoa flavor did not blend well with the tart yogurt, and honestly, the Vitatop tasted too floury and bland in my opinion. The sprinkle of chocolate chips on the surface of the Vitatop was delicious, but was not enough to make this muffin taste “decadent” in any standards.

Texture: Think of a compressed muffin, but drier. The microwaving may have evaporated too much moisture from the muffin, but I was disappointed that the muffin was difficult to crumble apart and “sprinkle” over the yogurt.

Verdict: 6/10. Not my favorite flavor (too floury), and a little too dry, but for 80 calories of chocolate and that much fiber -6g, I’ll take it!


Golden Corn VitaTop

imported-photos-00689Method of Heating: Toaster Oven baked for 1 minute

YUM!!! Perfect method of heating the muffin to keep it moist!

Method of Eating: Sopped in homemade Chili

Perfect. 🙂

imported-photos-00697Taste: By itself, the muffin is mildly sweet and has a light cornbread-like undertone. It definitely is more of a muffin than a bread in that it has a fine texture and floury flavor on top of the corn flavors.

Texture: Don’t imagine super-fully cornbread with little bits of cornmeal. Instead, think of a flat, dense cake that tastes lightly of sweet corn. The muffin itself was perfectly moist and was able to hold its shape when plopped in a bath of chili sauce. Though it does not sop up liquids as quickly as a traditional corncake or cornbread, I really appreciated its soft yet sturdy texture.

Verdict: 8/10! A great combo with chili!! Make sure you TOAST the vitatop and NOT microwave it, unless you like things dry.




Method of Heating: Microwaved on medium for 20 seconds

Just enough to warm it up and not over-dry it. Not bad at all.

Method of Eating: Complementing some frozen yogurt, drizzled with dark chocolate syrup and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips.

MUCH better with the syrup and froyo because it would be too dry by itself. You’d feel like you were cheating yourself with a really fake brownie, which it is.


Taste & Texture: The boyfriend said he would never spend money on this, and I agree. Too floury tasting for my liking, and didn’t contain the moistness or the rich  texture that one looks for in a brownie. However, since it was free, soft, warm, and topped with Hershey’s chocolate sauce, we had no problem finishing it off. The texture wasn’t the main issue because it ALMOST looked like it was “fudgey”, but flavor-wise, it was simply a mildly cocoa-ish, floury, chocolate cake.

Verdict: 7/10. Definitely much better than the velvety chocolate VitaTop.


MultiBran VitaTop


Taste: This muffin was far sweeter than I expected and had a slightly strange and distracting floral flavor! (Throughout my taste test, this floral flavor didn’t fade or diminish. Darn!) If you like the idea of smelling flowers, imagine what it would be like to chew on one that looked like a muffin top. Luckily, eating it in my chili helped to mask some of the floral flavor that I wasn’t a fan of and ultimately served its purpose in complementing my meal!

Texture: The muffin was definitely more grainy (as expected) than all the vitaTops I’ve had. Think “bran muffin” but sweeter and more floral. I appreciate and enjoy the chewier texture of the VitaTop and though that it held up very well in my chili sauce.

Overall: 6/10. I did not like the floral flavor of the muffin. Had it been more fruity, I could at least try to embrace it by identifying what kind of fruit it was, but it wasn’t. To be fair, the grainy texture made me feel healthier while eating it, but I somehow wish that I hadn’t eaten it in the end. For a sweet option, I’d pick the corn VitaTop, and for savory, I would have toasted an English muffin.