You Bar Says, “Fresh, Handmade Nutrition Bars. Guaranteed Delicious. It’s all about you!”

Anthony, the owner of YOU bar had generously sent me some Bars (aka. Cool customizable, pure , and SO TASTY bars) to try and I didn’t expect this, but I fell in love!! At least with the first bar I tried -> so much like a smaller Larabar!


Info. on You Bar…

  • “Nutrition bars with the exact ingredients that YOU want,  free from preservatives and corn syrup, freshly made and as delicious as Mom Ava’s fluffy wholegrain pancakes.” (They make yummy protein  shakes too!!)
  • “Just choose a base (dates, almond butter, cashew butter etc.) and add-ins ( fruit, nuts, protein powder, natural sweeteners, cereal, chocolate, vitamins, etc.), and You Bar will mold your recipe into a handy snack.”
  • It has been featured on: NY Times, The Nutritional Journal, Hungry Girl, Fit Fare, Fit Sugar, and much much more!!!


A Great Date With Chocolate


Stats: 140 Calories, 1.5g fat, 31g carbs, 4g fiber, 8g protein

Ingredients: Dates, Whey Protein, Honey, Cocoa

First Impression: So few ingredients – alot like a Larabar, but with protein! It’s Shaped like a Clif bar, but smaller and SO DARN sticky (I almost could take it out of the wrapper)!!

Taste: Imagine a sticky, dense, moist, and slightly fruity BROWNIE. Seriously, like a fudge double chocolate brownie. This is what is tasted like. Period. Apart from the fact that it was a tad on the sweeter side, everything else about this bar yelled “indulgent dessert”!!!!! Give me more!!!!

Texture: REALLY moist and really sticky,!!! This bar clung to the wrapper and my fingers (when I tried to “break off a piece) for dear life. It was soft and smooth, with no crunch or chewy components, that I surprisingly didn’t miss at all!!!

Overall: 9/10!!!

One of the best tasting, yet most natural and wholesome bars I have EVER tried!!!! I love that it has more protein and more fiber than Larabars, but has so much flavor (chocolate-ness) and purity that so many other bars lack. My tummy was very happy afterwards. The only complaint I have for my “date” was the stickiness.