Zoe’s Say’s, “Zoe’s all natural whole grains, fiber, omega-3s, and protein give you and your family all day energy, and everyday health. Get inspired to live a healthy lifestyle!”

zoe's granola

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Zoe’s Honey Almond Granola

zoe's honey almond granola

First Impression: Plenty of large oat-and-puffed cereal clusters intermixed with smaller, nail-sized clusters. On the side, there were small bits of almond pieces scattered throughout. A little skimpy, but still a decent amount!

Flavor: I’m so glad that Zoe’s decided to truly infuse almond flavor into the granola. Though the honey flavor was so subtle I could hardly taste it, being the huge fan of almond that I am, the natural-tasting nutty aromas truly shone in this product.

Texture: So crispy and so crunchy all at once!!! It made the perfect combo when mixed in to plain yogurt as Zoe’s granola and puffed cereal absorbed the moisture of it all.

Overall: This is a potentially addictive flavor for me if it didn’t have such dense calories! I found myself reaching into the box for the big clusters of granola-and-cereal