QBel Says, “Most of us like to enjoy a chocolate candy bar now and then and then again. Yet if you want to enjoy a chocolate candy bar without a laundry list of chemicals and nasty ingredients, good luck! Imagine chocolate candy with real chocolate and all natural ingredients.”


• No Artificial Colors •
• No Artificial Flavors •
• No Preservatives •
• No High Fructose Corn Syrup •
• No Hydrogenated Oils •


Dark Chocolate Wafer Rolls


Taste: They look even better in person than on the package and taste way MORE delicious than I imagined. Every bite had “true” dark chocolate flavor but wasn’t overly bitter at all! It is wonderful by itself, but drinking a hot chocolate along with it, or complementing a sundae would be even more perfect!

Texture: They were perfectly crunchy, and they don’t make a mess when you bite through the three different layers and textures of the wafer roll.  The filling is very dense and to be honest, a little too “solid” for my liking, but overall delicious! I’m looking forward to trying more products!!

Overall: 8/10

Perfect Combo!