Sushi Toro, Chicago

$$$ Specialty Sushi, Japanese

On a Wednesday night at 6:40, there was a 1 hour wait for a table. ONE HOUR!!!  That’s how popular this little “hole in the wall” joint is! (It’s a pretty small restaurant) After a good hour walking around the neighborhood and picking up some tasty Molly’s Cupcakes next door to Sushi Toro, we were finally seated! TWO HUNGRY DINERS!!



Miso Soup (Not pictured) that I had was a tad on the salty-side, but taste-wise was pretty average compared to other sushi restaurants.

Sashimi Appetizer $9


Included 3 pieces of salmon, 3 tuna, and 3 super white tuna (which isn’t really tuna at all!)

The white tuna was the winner of the platter, although all the pieces were so fresh and juicy! If you’ve never had super white tuna, this fish has a mild flavor (like tuna) and butter, with very firm flesh. The white tuna is actually a type of fish called escolar, that is a special of snake mackerel. (Apparently, it has 18-21% of oil and if you eat too much of it, you could end up with Olean-style gastrointestinal problems! WOW??


Maki Rolls!

I love “special” rolls, but I also like the classics! The first two rolls pictured are listed under “Mitch’s special rolls”, which are designed and created by the owner himself. They were by far, the best rolls ever!! Too bad I couldn’t find the super special rolls on any online menu’s, so you’ll just have to go there and check it out yourself!

The Kamikaze ($10)

Crab meat, lots of spicy mayo, Sunflower seeds, tuna, …The rest, I could not identify, but this was Nick’s favorite roll!


Our thoughts: Ugly? YES! This unimpressive/sloppy presentation redeems itself in the unexpected flavors. The kamikaze had a great spicy kick and the sunflower seeds gave it a unique and darn addictive crunchy texture. This is a SUPER flavorful roll!

Holla Jalapeno ($16)

Siracha, roe topping, spicy mayo, crab meat, mango, avocado, tuna, bonito flakes, whitefish, flamed fish skin of some sort


Thoughts: LOVE LOVE LOVE this roll. The many layers of seafood and various textures combine in this amazing rolls to give one of the most delicious, gorgeous, and FUN maki’s to eat! Everything from the fresh melt-in-your-mouth fish, to the ripe avocado, to the real crab meat and bonito flakes sitting atop drizzles of mayo makes it the PERFECT roll. Yum. Clearly this was my favorite roll!

Rainbow Roll $14

Typically a cali roll topped with various sashimi, this inside-out roll was stuffed with crab meat, avocado


Thoughts: While I’m a huge fan of rainbow’s, this one felt a little scant on the inside fish-wise, but the sashimi on the top was fresh and very delicious. I wish that there was a little less rice and at least one other type of fish on the inside of the roll, but I guess this is how it is “traditionally”. This roll would be considered “lighter” in flavor especially in comparison to the first two rolls! Our third favorite roll of the night!

Futo Maki Roll $6

Vegetarian roll of kampiyo, asparagus, spinach, oshinko, avocado, cucumber

dsc02489Our Thoughts: The boyfriend decided he didn’t like this at all after one small bite. While I usually love futo maki’s, this one fell flat in flavor and texture. Far too bland in comparison to the other rolls which were all SCREAMING with flavor! Overall, I’ve had better futo maki’s!



Overall: 4/5

Taste: 4/5 (You can’t beat fresh fish!)

Originality: 4/5 (Mitch’s special rolls are just…too unique!)

Plating: 3.5/5 (The kamikaze and futo fell flat, but everything else redeemed them!)

Value: 4/5 (A good deal for a sushi joint serving high quality fish and sushi!)

Service: 4/5 (Hard to complain about anything but the wait! The waitresses were polite, quick, and got all our orders right)

Final Words? We may come back just to try all the other rolls on the menu!! The long wait was worth it!


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2546 N Clark St, Chicago 60614

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