This is my Thursday treat for you all to switch things up a bit. Muhahahahaha.

Where's the beard??

Where's the beard??

The Bf is trying to grow a beard in 6 weeks as part of a “work” celebration commemorating the end of their project at the end of March, but he’s a “slow bloomer”. This is progress after ~3 weeks of not shaving. Thank goodness he doesn’t grow any faster, I don’t like my men too scruffy. 😛

For those of you who thought that was me…I have no words.


Tropical Pumpkin Oats

I adore the versatility of oatmeal!!! My morning mix consisted of 1 pack of Quaker original oats mixed with pumpkin, a banana, a carton of Lucerne (aka Safeway/Dominicks) bartlett Pear Mangosteen yogurt, frozen pineapples, and decorated with a couple Quaker oatmeal squares and frosted mini-wheats. (These cereals are soooo good when they’re wet with a splash of milk and gets sort of soft in the oats!)


I heard the beast in my belly grumble a little before noon, so I dug into one of these Nature Valley Trail Mix Fruit and Nut bars.


I was addicted to these during college because my ex-sorority house had them (along with 8 billion other types of cereals and a pretty crappy kitchen). While I’m still loving the sticky, soft, chewy texture, and getting the occasional amond crunch or burst from a gooey raisin, I’ve only realized now just how SWEET it is! For more protein and better nutritional stats, I’d opt for the Kashi Trail Mix bar. Much more firm, nutty, and filling.


Bustin’ Out the Chopsticks

Lunch was a fabulous meal I created using the Sunday Chinatown leftovers. Remember the shredded pork & pickled cabbage rice noodle dish? (yummmmy, here is WAS)

imported-photos-00613All that was really left was the flavorful broth, lots of rice noodles, and tonnes of pork pieces. So Using the pork fat and some broth as a base, I sauteed more rice noodles, firm tofu, lots of bean sprouts, and some bak choy together, then dumped all the leftovers in to the pot to create this!! Here it is NOW!!


This was my whole lunch originally, but I was still hungry after all this and had a handful of mixed nuts + maybe 3 handfulls of pretzels to satisfy the urge to EAT. I attribute this to spin class the day before. 😛


In case you were wondering what’s in the tupperware, it is my AWESOME $0.99 Cantaloupe from Hmart. The time it took me to cube this cantaloupe was DOUBLE the time it took me to make my stir-fry.


30 minutes on the chopping block and FINALLY success!!!!




I was lightheaded by 5 and had to bust out one of these Yoplaits. Although delicious, I’m not sure that Boston Cream Pie is meant to taste like this. Sure it tastes great, but it ain’t anything like the cream pies I’ve ever had. It reminds me more of a sweeter, almost lemon-y vanilla…and it did it’s job to satisfy the growls.



I hardly ever photograph dinner anymore because A) I’m lazy. My kitchen is too far from my room, where the camera is situated, and B) I am usually pretty really hungry by dinner-time and would rather stuff my face than prettify my food, or C) I eat bits of things everywhere and can’t be bothered to photograph so many of them (which may or may not be a bad habit?), or D) Dinner is the same as lunch, like tonight. hahahah (I’m guilty of this a lot)


Post-dinner Tea & Chips

While most people like to snuggle up with some hot tea, which I also do ALL DAY at work, I got this delicious Barley tea from the Korean grocer for $0.25!!! I Heart Barley tea!!! ❤


So much flavor, SUPER refreshing, and no calories?? Sign me up!!!

The boyfriend and I decided to Pop open the other bag of PopChips to sample. I was surprised to find that barley tea and popchips go so well together!


Salt & Pepper PopChips Review!


For the lowdown on stats & other flavors, go to PopChips.

For the texture review, check out either the review from yesterday’s post OR my product reviews Popchips page!


First Impression: Since I already knew what it was supposed to look like (duh, I had BBQ yesterday), I took a good whiff as soon as I opened the bag. This is my favorite thing to do with new products! Smell them! It was FAR less “peppery” than I thought it would be, which is a great thing, because I expected it to overwhelm my senses.


Taste: I DEFINITELY enjoyed this flavor more than the BBQ! Which I didn’t expect because I’m such a huge BBQ fan. I can’t even explain what the perfect amount of pepper is, but this was it! Just enough to give the chip some punch, but not enough to make you cough. However, it was also much saltier than I like my chips.

The boyfriend (who is a big kettle chips & potato chip lover) really liked the Popchips. The most interesting thing about this chip is that you get that subtle potato flavor at the end of each bite, but when you first bite into it, all you get is crunchy salt & pepper.

The verdict is still…A GREAT POTATO chip replacer!! Don’t expect it to be the same texture as a potato chip though! Also, if you’re like me and just want a crunchy snack (and want lots of it) I find that soy crisps and 100- calorie pack popcorn gives me greater volume. 🙂


Doing these “good-for-you” product reviews has gotten me wondering…what makes a healthy food healthy? The calories? The vitamins and minerals? How it makes you feel afterwards?

In YOUR opinion, what constitutes as a health food??

What is YOUR basis for evaluating whether something is good for you or not?