The weekend as been super eventful so far, so I haven’t had a chance to come back to blog-land, but I have many pictures to share, starting from Friday!!


For dinner, the boyfriend Nick and I went to a highly reviewed restaurant in Chicago to celebrate our 22-month anniversary. I’ll make the descriptions short and sweet. I promise! (Check our the full review under the restaurants page if you’re interested)

The bread basket came as soon as we sat down and was nice and warm. The boyfriend loved the fluffy white bread rolls, though I had my hesitations. It kinda reminded me of frozen bread rolls. πŸ˜›


We finished all four rolls, though the bf took care of 3 and a little more.


We shared two of these between us, but I ended up eating all of the salad and Nick had most of the dip. I was SO surprised at how delicious the dip was I ate much more than I intended to… πŸ˜› (I’m no fan of cheese, but this baby was tasty)

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Baked casserole of fresh spinach, artichokes, four cheeses and served with crostini

Fresh Mesclun Greens

Mesclun mix tossed with strawberries, blue cheese, red onions, walnuts and balsamic dressing


I ordered the pan-seared Cajun tilapia with a side of asparagus and demolished it ALL. The lemon dill butter sauce and the fried sweet potato flakes on top were a surprise AND they were awesome.

Cajun Tilapia

Unfortunately, the poor boyfriend’s fish was TINY at best. Even I wouldn’t have been full from the dinky piece of roughy. *sigh* But I tasted it, and it was seasoned well, just much too small for a grown man. hehehe

Orange Roughy – Stuffed with crabmeat and topped with mozzarella cheese & sauteed spinachdsc02222


An original NY cheesecake served with some blueberry sauce. YYUUUUUMMM. It was nothing like the traditional Cheesecake Factory style dense and rich cake that we expected. Instead, it has a more flaky texture that melts on your tongue.

Original Cheesecake


After dinner, the bf and I wanted to take advantage of the “warm” Chicago weather, plus he wanted to treat me to my favorite EVER FROZEN YOGURT place in Chicago.

BERRY CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!

Our 12 ounce monstrous fro-yo was topped with mochi, mini chocolate chips, and pomegranate seeds. Nick claims that his face froze after the first few bites so I ended up polishing off the whole thing. No problem. ❀ YUM.

dsc02228After waiting in line for 30 minutes (SERIOUSLY), we decided it wouldn’t be worth it if we didn’t get the largest size there was. muhahahaha. I took care of this.

After we went home, I wanted something crunchy and ended up polished off the remaining salt and pepper popchips left in the pack – Guilt-free! Thank you PopChips!!!



We woke up to a DREARY rainy Saturday, and decided we wanted a big, hearty, home-made brunch. I wanted to try out the new McCann’s Irish oatmeal I got!!


I nuked a pack of oatmeal with water and sprinkled it with cinnamon. WOW McCann’s…nice job! Even the bf was impressed with how maple-y the oats tasted, and he HATES oatmeal.


Compared to regular oats, Irish oats have a much more sticky consistency. The texture reminds me of grits because the oats are finer than I’m used to. Overall it tasted very delicious and much more “maple & brown-sugar-ish” than Quakers, without the intense sweetness of Quaker. The stickiness takes some getting used to though.


I also had a yogurt and a slice of cinnamon raisin swirl bread dipped in my beloved century egg & tofu dish, which I shared with Nick.



Nick wanted to try out the new frozen wontons I recommended to him. These are Hong Kong-style wontons with pork and shrimp made by Wei-Chuan. You can get ’em usually in the freezer section at Asian grocery stores. I love ’em!


We cooked them in a chicken broth and added some Chinese egg noodles, bak choy and spicy fried fish cakes. (Sorry about the presentation. :P)


So Irish Oats vs. Wonton challenge?!?!?! I think wonton had to win today. πŸ˜› It just hit the spot.

We went to Argyle (the smaller Chicago Chinatown) after the nice big brunch to get some groceries for tonight. (HOT POT dinner with my roomie and her bf!!)


We stopped by our favorite Argyle bakery to pick up more Paper-wrapped sponge cakes for me!!!! Chiu Quon makes great buns, but sometimes they mess up the sponge cakes and by making them taste more “eggy” than I like them.


We ended up devouring two of them in the car ride home. Here was mine and all its soft , moist, and spongy glory. YUUUUM! This batch was wonderful! Not too eggy at all. *phew*


After a stop by Dominick’s as well, we got home super-tired. Nick cut me some oranges to eat because I think I’m coming down with something. Nice and juicy.


After the oranges, I took a 2 hour nap and woke up to THIS dinner!!!!! muhahahaha. From the left, Nick, my roomie’s bf in the middle, and my roomie.


Post-dinner, we “Rock Banded” for 2 hours before Nick and I went to visit some other friends 15-minutes away for some Taboo and MORE ROCK BAND!!! YEAAAAAAH. We went to bed at 4am kinda SAD that we lost an hour. *sniff*


The highlight of this weekend is definitely eating that giant fro-yo from Berry Chill. So now I’m curious, what is YOUR favorite eatery in your hometown and why??

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to catch up on ’em!