Lesser Evil says, “To us, snacks are a really good thing…If you crave something different, make sure you choose the LesserEvil. While our snacks are certainly not baby carrots and broccoli, they are all natural, real foods with nothing artificial (nada! zip! zero!).


My personal favorite is the black and white kettle corn. They are literally, THE most indulgent tasting chocolate flavored popcorn I’ve ever had, yet they’re sorta good for you!!! I probably would skip the krinkle sticks just because I’m not a big fan of “veggie flavored” things. I like the real thing a little bit better!

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Veggie Krinkle Sticks

crinkle sticks

Taste: I’m not gonna lie, it takes a little getting used to. The flavor is predominantly potato-like, though there are definitely other savory flavors as well. The difficult part is pin-pointing what exactly those OTHER flavors are, but overall, an interesting flavor that one could get used to very quickly.

Texture: My favorite part! They were braided into colorful twists. When you bite into the sticks, they are really crunchy and NOT airy (think rice cakes). This is definitely a good thing because it gets you satisfied.

Overall: 6.5/10. I could see myself eating these again at home, but probably wouldn’t buy them to entertain friends. 40+ sticks for only 110 calories is really fair. Plus, it also hits high on the satiety factor so you don’t end up eating a whole bag! yay!


Black and White Kettle Corn


My thoughts: YUM Yum YUMMMM !These are so additive! The black pices are cocoa flavored, and are seriously the BEST chocoalte popcorn I have ever had. PLUS, they’re better for you too!!! 1 cup of popcorn is ~110 calories. They’re “glazed” so the coating gives the popcorn itself extra crunch, just like the gourmet caramel corn you get from specialty stores. Yum!! The white pieces are the classic flavor that I find just sweet and bland. The black pieces won me over, period.


Classic Kettle Kettle Corndsc02567

My Thoughts: The coating is what gives this popcorn it’s wonderful crunchy texture! But taste overall, this popcorn didn’t have flavors per se, apart from just plain sweetness. Good for people with a sweet tooth, but not for true kettle corn lovers who want the sweet and salty & CORN flavor you get from fresh kettle corn.