Vivi’s Says,They’re a sauce. They’re a marinade. It’s a dip. They’re a spread. They’re gourmet mustard’s that make for the “Ultimate Condiments”! They’re a carnival of flavors with a recipe book full of entertaining uses!!!”

vivi's sauces

Vivi’s Sauces are…

  • 15 Calories per Tablespoon!
  • Vegan
  • Fat-free, MSG-free, Preservative-free, Additive-free, Diary-free

One of the most versatile sauce/condiments I’ve ever seen out there, ViVi’s allows me to be super-creative with my food by packing LOADS of flavor with super-low calories into every meal!!

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Sizzlin’ Chipotle Carnival Mustard

chipotle vivi's How I used it: Slathered it on top of raw broccoli and baked it in an oven at 450 degrees for ~20 minutes

Taste: I was surprised at how spicy the sauce was, but it was definitely up my alley! It was bold and smoky, making my baked veggies super flavorful even with a little dab! Don’t expect a BBQ sauce because this isn’t it! Instead, hot pepper is definitely what remains sizzlin’ on my tongue at the end!

Texture: Not quite as thick as a dip, but not what I would call “runny” either. It can be easily spread on top over ANY food and trusted to hold its shape without leaking all over the place.

Overall: The big punch in spiciness gives this condiment a forget-me-not flavor. I love that it kicks up the flavor of any bland dish, but beware of over-doing it…especially if you can’t take too much heat. I would definitely buy this product again!!!