I’m going to kick off with my highlight of Monday and explain it at the end of the post, because my day sorta when downhill in terms of eating from here. 😦 No kidding.


Let’s play a game! The golden question is: How do you get a man who “doesn’t eat oatmeal” to eat oatmeal?

Answer can be found at the end. πŸ™‚


Stupid Spring forward caused my alarm to ring 1 hour later than usual because my not-so-smart blackberry didn’t automatically update to daylight savings time. I got to work almost an hour late and put upΒ  with all the “What a FOOL” stares, hence this boring bowl of oatmeal.

Pathetic Oats


For someone who loves variety, the bland watery original oats, plus Boston cream pie yogurt, handful of Quaker oatmeal squares, and frosted mini wheat’s did VERY little to boost my already glummy mood.


SWAMPED with Monday tasks, the morning flew by and soon enough it was lunch time. I didn’t realize how starved I was and put together this display of goods. I call it the…

Truckload of Goodies Lunch

I made a turkey-brussel stuffed pita to eat with honey mustard, sliced up a fresh big apple to eat with some PB, A cup of chicken noodle soup, and a pack of honey wheat braided pretzel twists – which I really didn’t need, but ate anyway out of pure “down-ness” (if that makes sense).


My pita was SUPER delicious!!!! I had to stop staring at my computer screen multiple times just to gaze adoringly at the pita-wich.

I toasted the Toufayan WW Pita Bread in the toaster oven so it was warm and slightly crunchy, then stuffed it silly with 8 big slices of honey turkey. Tried to fit in a handful of spinach and practically JAMMED a pack of steamfresh brussel sprouts in the little sucker.


Despite being incredibly full after my giant meal, I craved more sweetness! GAH! So I whipped open a Lucerne Barlett Pear Mangosteen yogurt, and when I was halfway through, dumped a bunch of Quaker oatmeal squares and some skim milk into the container. (Note to self & readers: This yogurt sounds much more tasty than it is)


At least I stopped eating till dinner time after this yogurt.Β  The afternoon dragged on, and I can feel something coming on.


Let the WiLD Munching Begin!!

I worked later than usual and got home at 7:30, tired and feeling totally ill, which is why I skipped the gym. Starved, I created a simple open-faced ham & turkey sandwich on rye, a side salad with more turkey, and a pear. I devoured this in 10 minutes.


Wanting more sweetness, (and of course wanting to try a VitaTop muffin!) I decided to microwave a Velvety chocolate vitatop and top it over some plain Greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder. This was a FAILURE I tell you! The slightly tart yogurt didn’t complement the chocolate muffin at all, which came out drier and less chocolatey than I ever imagined. I’m guessing the microwave dried it out. BOOOOOO 😦


To quench my thirst and desire for crunch, I moved on to a bowl of puffins mixed with kashi puffs and almond milk. I love this combo!!! Crunchy and yummy! Perfect!!


I THOUGHT I was satisfied completely at this point and snuggled up to answer some e-mails in bed. Not long after, I felt a burning urge to suck on something cold and sweet. Enter Trader Joe’s frozen pineapple tid bits. I polished off the whole bag before I even realized!!!! I was so stuffed, but yet still wanting crunch!!!


I’ve realized that once I start snacking, I’ll go from a sweet snack to a salty snack, and then wanting a sweet again! Other times I yo-yo from craving a hot treat, to a cold, and then back to hot again! GAHHH!!!!!!!!! How does one break this cycle?!?!


I ended the night with handfuls of animal crackers, a bloated tummy, a guilty conscience, and even more sick than I felt originally. 😦

I am more determined today than ever before to hit up that spin class tonight – wind, rain, or snowstorm. RAHHHH.


So not to end on such a dreary note…let’s answer the question – How do you make an oatmeal hater eat oatmeal?!?!?!?



You bake them Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Using yummy irish oatmeal from McCann’s!


By simply substituting the flour for 2 packs of instant oatmeal in my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I created a batch of incredibly SOFT, moist, and chewy cookies for the boyfriend.

So my highlight of the day was when he called me last night, during his graveyard shift at work (8pm to 8am!!!!) to tell me that my oatmeal-loaded cookies were “SOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!” Nick – You made my day!! πŸ™‚