It’s that time of the month again!!!


I’ve partnered up with Raoul over at Mix My Granola to give one lucky person a $20 gift certificate to create their personalized granola mix!!!

Everyone else, you get a $3 OFF discount just by being a reader! Enter: “TASTEBUDS” at the checkout!


SO excited for my “exotic” mix of: 100% Organic Muesli, Dried Bing Cherries, Goji Berries, Dried Blueberries, raspberries, Hemp Seeds, & Chia Seeds!!

All YOU have to do…

For 1 “Ballot” – Leave me a comment with what YOUR mix would be, and if you have a blog, add me to your blog roll!!

For 2 ballots – (Complete #1) and post about this giveaway on your next entry – link back to this post!

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**Deadline is next Monday 3/16 8am central time**



(P.s. Spin was awesome last night! Thanks for your interest. :P)

Peanut Butta Banana Oats


The awesome folks at PB2 sent me a sample of their powdered peanut butter and I just KNEW I had to do the PB2 & oatmeal combo in the footsteps of my beloved “college-mate” & awesome bloggie Jenn!


All I did was mix 2 level tbs of PB2 powder into my microwaved oats, sliced a banana over the top, and dumped some boston cream pie yogurt in the center for this decadent meal.

For a full review of the product, click here. For now, just trust me. This bowl of oats was decadent, filling, not-overly sweet, and authentic peanut buttery!


Southern Twists

Lunch was TONNES of homemade Cauliflower Chili with a Golden Corn VitaTop that I used to sop up the juices. Pretzel Goldfish and an apple were also called for to kill the munchies.


For all interested parties, read the review for the muffin itself here. I toasted this fella in the toaster oven for 1 minute and it came out warm, moist, and not overly dry!!! (Unlike the failure of a velvet chocolate Vitatop I microwaved yesterday)


Since I am once again, SUPER proud of my own one-pot concoctions, here’s a closeup of my cauliflower chili!!!

Ingredients were: 1 whole cauliflower, 1 pack of shirataki noodles, 1 can of spicy chili beans, 1 small can sliced mushrooms, a few handfuls of spinach, and a cup of sliced calamari/squid rings (which I would leave out if I made it again).

Method: Throw all in 1 big pot, mix together under medium heat for 20 minutes and season with salt, pepper, & red chili flakes. TADA!!!!


The corn muffin was so moist and went SO well with my chili it was a match made in heaven!!! I was so full afterward I didn’t need a snack until 5 hours later, which I proceeded to eat an unpictured handful of salted cashews and…


The famous Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

*Disclaimer* My biased judgement may come from the fact that I have always HATED dried, flaked coconut. *Cough* OVERHYPED. *cough* (I can do coconut juice and coconut milk for sure though. Yum!)


Taste: I was SO glad this wasn‘t overly sweet, nor did I feel like I was eating sunblock. The coconut flavor was mild and came mainly from the infinite shreds of coconut bits weaved throughout the entire bar. The date-flavor was NOT as dominant as in other Larabars, (so this bar wasn’t too fruity), but overall even though I didn’t hate it, I won’t be reaching for it again anytime soon (though I can see coconut lovers going ga-ga over this).

Texture: It reminded me 120% of a Chinese bakery coconut bun filling – it’s called the cocktail bun. Everyone who loves soft sweet bread who also loves this flavor of Larabar will also ADORE this…


Basically, the texture was dense, soft, moist, and a TINY bit nutty from the walnuts. The most the dominant texture came from the dried shredded coconut bits that were fresh & crisp, but had this might-get-stuck-in-your-teeth sort of gritty chewiness (that I am not a fan of).

Sorry coconut/Larabar fans, this isn’t personal!! I must say though, I do like coconut a TAD bit more now, thanks to Larabar! (For more Larabar reviews, click here.)


Thank you guys for offering your condolensces about my “over-munchies” from the last post!I really appreciate it, and hopefully all my future giveaways will somehow be a little token of appreciation to you all!!

Knock yourself out with granola!!!