Chobani Says,”Chobani Greek Yogurt is a richer, more indulgent way to get your protein. Chobani is all-natural made with hormone-free milk and low sugar. Our 0% fat yogurt comes in six creamy flavors…”

Michelle says, this is my favorite go-to Greek Yogurt that is more affordable in price, but still delivers the wonderful thick & creamy consistency the super-pricey brands provide along with great taste!


A HUGE thank you to the folks over at Chobani for your generosity! You have officially converted me into a Chobani fan!!!imported-photos-006921

Check out Chobani’s fabulous website for more info and on where to find ’em!


Plain Chobani


Stats: 100 Calories, 0g fat, 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 18g protein

Chobani says: ” Chobani Greek Yogurt is a richer, more indulgent way to get your protein. Chobani is all-natural made with hormone-free milk and low sugar. Our 0% fat yogurt comes in six creamy flavors.”

Michelle says: I didn’t realize this while I was shoveling all this deliciousness down my throat, but DANNNNG these yummies have a whopping 18 grams of protein!!???! and only 100 calories?? NO WONDER people are obsessed with these super-satisfying yogurt wonders. Compared to the Stonyfield Vanilla, Fage o% original, it was certainly cheaper (and tastier than Stonyfield). Compared to the runny TJ’s greek, this was definitely the real deal, consistency-wise. While in my mind, Fage was still more satisfying and had a better flavor (slighly more tart and PERFECT with honey) , I am happy with buying Chobani for the rest of my life for the combined  taste & value.

Verdict: 9/10


Blueberry Chobani


Taste: After fully mixing the blueberry preserves into the plain yogurt, you get the perfect blend between tart and sweet. The blueberry flavor was obvious, but not over-powering nor too sweet. I love that Chobani did not make their blueberry preserve mix-in like that of “fruit on the bottom” yogurts (i.e. Dannon), which are overly sweet and almost TOO solid to easily combine it into the rest of the yogurt. Chobani’s preserves were much more au natural and especially easy to combine. A few good stirs was enough to get rid of all the berry “goop” at the bottom of the container – where many other mix-together yogurts fail at.

Texture: If you’ve ever had Oikos and Trader Joe’s greek yogurt, Chobani will fall right in the middle of the “thickness” spectrum. *Note* I am NOT a fan of the super-thick greek yogurts (i.e. Oikos reminds me of eating cream cheese). Chobani really had the perfect consistency! Toughter to stir than TJ’s runny greek, but still rich and filling enough so you feel the satisfaction from eating a creamy yogurt!

Overall: 9.5/10 Yummy!!! I love the flavor and texture of Chobani – especially the satisfying and “happy tummy” feeling I get after eating it. However, I did find myself surprsied that the blueberry preserves added as much as 40 calories to the pot!! (Plain Chobani is only 100 calories!) Regardless, I not only finished the whole pot, I even tried to maximize the tiny specks of blueberry yogurt stuck on the edges of the container by filling it up to the rim with cereal and milk!


Vanilla Chobani


Taste: I was surprised at how much MORE vanilla flavor I tasted than the Oikos vanilla greek yogurt just by licking the lid! It definitely is for pure vanilla lovers – none of that artificial vanilla extract. To me, it was almost too overpowering, almost slightly creeping up behind my taste buds with a bold aftertaste. However, with my mildly sweet and fruity muesli mix-ins, this was absolutely the perfect flavor! Not too plain and tasteless, but not overly sweet and powerful in flavor. Very satisfying!

Texture: After mixing the goopy top with the more liquid bottom, Chobani presented me with a perfectly creamy but non-goopy (think Oikos’s super-thick greek) consistency! It is a terrific base for mix-in’s because the yogurt is firm enough to hold up against a new texture without losing its satisfying, creamy glory, but also liquid enough so the mix-in can combine easily to create the perfect bite!

Overall: 8/10. My only complaint was that it came out to be TOO vanilla-ish and had a vague after-taste, but just about everything else about vanilla Chobani hit the ball out of the park! It is perfect with a slightly sweet and crunchy topping like granola! Yum!! Satisfying and delicious


Peach Chobani


Taste & Texture: I loved this flavor though the peach was subtle, the lightness was very welcoming and refreshing to my palate. I almost regretted mixing in all the granola on top because it got in the way of my full appreciation of this peach Chobani. There were quite a few small bits and pieces of peach on the bottom, and the “fruit-on-the-bottom” preserves was not only the perfect amount, but mixed all together to give the perfect sweetness. The texture was just light all the other fruit flavors and just thick enough so you’re satisfied, but runny enough for mix ins! Fabulous!

Overall: 8.5/10. Delicious, light, and tummy happy! Doesn’t need mix-ins!


Strawberry Chobani

strawberry chobani

Taste & Texture: I ate this plain so I could appreciate the full flavor of the strawberry and was so glad I did that! There was more sweetness and fruit flavors than the peach Chobani. I came across quite a few pieces of mushed strawberries in the yogurt, which gave those bites quite a bit of crunch from the seeds. Sadly, this strawberry flavor tasted the most artificial to me out of all the Chobani flavors, but overall still a satisfying, thick-enough, and delicious yogurt. Just not as “natural” tasting as the peach and bluebery, that’s all!

Overall: 8/10. Delicious, sweet, but a little artificial tasting! I’m also not sure I enjoyed the texture of the large pieces of mushed strawberries and their crunchy seeds that get lodged in your teeth. Sorry!