Thanks to Raoul over at Mix My Granola, I got to make my very own combo of granola!


I highly advise you to visit their super-interactive website, so I won’t say say anymore here in case I give away some awesome trade secrets. 😛


My Mix: Organic muesli, Goji berries, Chia seeds, Dried bing cherries, Dried blueberries, Honey Smacks cereal

First Impression: Upon opening the lid, I noticed how colorful it was! There seemed to be an overabundance of honey smacks though (the least expensive and most voluminous add-in), but I love them and I did pick ‘em after all! Perhaps they settled to one side of the tube during the shipping process. Apart from that, I’m loving the slightly sweet aroma of my mix, and the personalized label on the tube! (It totally screams Mine! Mine! Mine!)

How I ate it: With Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt…then by the handful from the container itself.


Flavor & Texture: Despite looking so “raw” (no additional sugars and additives), I was surprised at how sweet and the mix was! Sadly my honey smacks were slightly “soggier” than I like them – meaning there wasn’t much crunch left, but it was still delicious combined with the chewy texture of the other ingredients. I did find myself wishing there was a more even distribution of ingredients that I picked though – my tube seemed to have an overweight on honey smacks cereal and under representation of goji berries.

Overall Verdict: I really love my mix! FAR more than the pre-made granola you get from stores. Customizing your foods really is a great new food trend that should continue!!! Everything in the mix was of high quality and quite fresh. Unfortunately, the steep price I would have had to pay for this tube ($18) is enough to scare me off from ordering in the near future, unless there was a great discount or sale!!? *hint hint*