Rockit Bar & Grill, Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Saturday Brunch

$30 for 2 people with a $10 off coupon from the Red Eye

First Impression: The ground floor was very crowded and bustling with happy diners when we arrived at noon. The hostess greeted us immediately and notified us that the wait would be 10 to 15 minutes on the main floor, but upstairs there would be no wait. We decided to hit up the 2nd floor for what she claimed as “the same menu, just open seating.”

WHAT a mistake.

She forgot to mention that it was a pool and bar floor where they turned the music up so loud you had to scream across the table to have the other person hear you. She also didn’t say anything about how the waitresses take forever to be able to find menu’s (15 minutes) AND mess up two-thirds of your orders. Lucky the free green hat and necklace kind of redeemed them from getting the lowest of the low scores in service.



It took about another 15 to 20 minutes before all the 3 dishes we ordered arrived at the table. Two of the non-English speaking servers came out with our dishes, looking confused as who ordered what. A quick glance at our dishes revealed that two of our special requests were not met and had to be sent back to the kitchen. The poor confused servers had to wave the waitress back to the table just to be told to bring it back to the kitchen. More details below…


Scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado, jack cheese, diced tomatoes, chipotle mayonnaise, in a warm tortilla, hash browns


Taste – The best part of this dish was the flavorful chorizo and the very well seasoned potatoes. The salsa seemed like it was fresh, but somehow was served lukewarm. A very simple, straightforward dish, this was the only order that the waitress and the kitchen were able to get completely right.


Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict $11

two poached eggs on a english muffin, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, hash browns


Taste – The eggs were cooked perfectly with runny yolks on top of warm smoked salmon. The muffins were already getting slightly soggy by the time they got to our table, but the hot crispy potatoes were able to redeem that aspect of the dish. Overall, the taste was satisfactory, but no standout in my opinion.

Service – Because I was not a big fan of hollandaise, I specifically asked our waitress to serve it on the side. The dish came to the table with sauce ON top of the eggs, so we had to send it back to the kitchen. The waitress refuted our claim initially, stating that we never specified to do so. It took the both of us with 120% certainty (and annoyance) and a stern tone in our voices to confince her that I had DEFINITELY specified this. Displeased, she took the dish back to the kitchen. 10 minutes later, a very confused man emerged from the kitchen with a plate, not sure where to bring it. Of course, it turned out to be my eggs benedits, and it took about 5 minutes of him wandering around looking for the waitress before the two of them could find our table. I was not pleased at all.


Southwestern Chopped Salad $14

Bbq chicken, romaine, corn, monterey jack, cheddar, tomato, chili peanuts, jalapeno ranch dressing


Taste – A solid chopped salad with abundant romaine and cheese, but very few tomato and chicken chunks. The spicy flavors from the BBQ sauce tossed into the salad was delicious and had a good punch. We just wish there was more volume for the more exciting ingredients.

Service- Of course, when we asked for the ranch on the side (We knew BBQ is already tossed in and we didn’t need 2 sauces) the dish came with ranch tossed IN to the salad. After sending it back with the eggs benedict, it came out the second time carried by the lost-looking waiter who had served the eggs benedict. After he set it down, he turned to leave, then turned back to the table to curtly point out, “It may LOOK like it’s got dressing in it, but that’s just the bbq sauce. It comes WITH the dish.” His condescending tone was enough for me to not want to look at face – which had “Impatient, and I don’t care” written all over it.

At least when the check came, our waitress gave us the first perky smile of the day, not even apologizing for all the order screwups throughout the meal. Needless to say, I am NOT coming back here anytime soon.



Overall: 2.5/5

Taste: 3/5

Originality: 3/5 (And I’m being generous already for the boring Rockit brunch menu)

Value: 3/5 (Standard downtown at a bar & grill, but I would NEVER come here without the $10 off coupon)

Service: 2/5 (This is too generous as well for the many mess ups, the bad attitude of our waitress, and all those clueless servers, but at least the water re-fillers were wonderful at making sure our glasses were full throughout the meal)


Final words?? “I will not be back for another meal.”

Rockit Bar & Grill

22 W Hubbard Chicago, IL 60611

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