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Peanut Butta & Jelly Oats!

dsc02363Well, more like PB2 and Raspberry oats, but CLOSE! This comprises of the usual regular oats, with 2 tbs of PB2 and topped with tonnes of frozen blueberries, a banana, and raspberry yogurt. I definitely love the rich & creamy contrast to the tart & fruity!


Monstro-Wich & Chips

For lunch, I created a giant hummus, egg & salsa sandwich on sprouted rye, sliced an apple, cucumber bits with sun-dried tomato hummus, and a hefty side of olive chips from Food Should Taste Good (read the review here)!


Deconstructed layers are from the bottom: 4 tbs of Trader Joe’s Sun-dried tomato hummus (SOOOO good), 1 kirby cucumber, microwave-poached egg whites with chipotle salsa, and another layer of hummus, all wedged between TJ’s Sprouted rye bread!


As if I didn’t have enough pictures of the monstro-wich, I wanted to do a close-up of the microwave-poached eggs topped with salsa. The warm, moist eggs were PERFECT in a toasted sandwich that would have been on the “dry”-side without ’em!! This is TOTALLY a sandwich I’d make again in a heartbeat!!!


Lunch was so amazing it actually held me over till dinner time! Snack-free!


“Let me Bring you Dinner!!”

I was almost too excited when I told the BF this a couple days ago just because I had a couple treats rolled up my sleeve. He was working late Friday night, so I had time to buy/prepare/heat/cook and all, so here I present…

Feast from the East!

Here was the dinner table all together!


First Stop – KOREA!

The boyfriend’s #1 favorite dish from Joy Yee’s Noodle Restaurant is Korean Sea Eel Jap Chae. This dish is a SUPER flavorful stir-fried glass noodles with sliced onions, julienned zuccini’s & carrots, and topped with BBQ Marinated Eel. It’s a little greasy on its own, but with the other dishes the Jap Chae was amazing!


Second Stop – India & The Middle East

On the left is a semi-homemade vegetable curry (my secret weapon comes in a pouch from TJ’s). On the left, are fresh pita chips that I baked at home using Yantoufan plain pita that was PAM’d and sprinkled with garlic salt, onion powder, Mrs. Dash, and coconut palm sugar!!! Yes coconut sugar!!


Navitas Naturals has sent me some AWESOME samples and I knew I wanted to try something different! I took the Coconut palm sugar powder and dusted the pita chips with them before baking. The sweet and very mild coconuty flavor went perfectly with the chips when they were dipped into the spicy curry. It heightened the spicy kick of the curry while de-emphasizing the slightly burnt pita chips.


Third Stop – Japan

I stir-fried miso marinated green beans with calamari/squid rings then topped it lots of furkikae (sesame & nori shreds). We ate this with a side of my favorite – edamame!!!

Fourth Stop – Dessert & Back to America!

Before the BF got home, he had stopped by Berry Chill to pick up frozen yogurt, which I used to create this Dark Chocolate Sundae!


The Sunday consisted of a microwaved VitaBrownie, 2 QBel dark chocolate wafer rolls, Original Frozen Yogurt, dark chocolate chips, and Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup. Dessert was SOOO ridiculously good we scarfed it down in less than 5 minutes!!


Super short review of this VitaBrownie: The boyfriend said he would never spend money on this, and I agree. Too floury for my liking, and didn’t contain the moistness or the richΒ  texture that one looks for in a brownie, but since it was free, soft, warm, and topped with Hershey’s chocolate sauce, we had no problem finishing it off. B+ is airing toward the generous side, but definitely better than the velvety chocolate VitaTop I had the other day.


Super Short Review of Qbel Dark Chocolate wafer rolls: They look even better in person than on the package and taste way MORE delicious than I imagined. Almost addictive! They were perfectly crunchy, but they don’t make a mess when you bite through the three different layers and textures of the wafer roll. It had “true” dark chocolate flavor (slightly bitter), but far from overwhelming. I’m looking forward to trying more products!! The boyfriend thinks this is WAY better than his favorite ones back in grade school. πŸ™‚ A+ Qbel!!


It’s Saturday! Yay!!!!