Green Tea Frapps.

Green Tea Mochi.

GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Scroll to the end…)


This weekends mission has been accomplished! THIS is how you convert a green tea skeptic into green tea lover..


A Homemade Green Tea Frapp with Boba!!!

Simply place 1 tsp green tea powder, 2 tsp sugar (I used coconut palm sugar), 2 tsp powdered coffee creamer, 1oz vanilla syrup, 4oz vanilla soy milk and lotsa ice in a blender and blend until smooth!

YUMMY!!!! I had to make 3 glasses of these for the same person in a day. 😛


Anyway, let’s get on with some weekend eats!!!

Sunday Brunch @ Rockit Bar & Grill

GO for the food, NOT for the service. Enough said.

dsc02406I ordered my favorite brunch dish in the world – Smoked salmon eggs benedict!! I’m not a fan of what I think is “tasteless” worcheshire sauce, so I asked for it on the side. The potatoes were super tasty! Hot, steamy, and very well-seasoned! I also split a Southwestern Chicken Salad with my date. 🙂


I’ve never seen spicy peanut pieces on top of a southwestern salad, but it was unique!

My date ordered a breakfast burrito that came with the saltiest potatoes I’ve ever had in this lifetime.

dsc02405We left the restaurant slightly peeved at the service, but satisfied with our dishes.


After some grocery shopping, we went home to snack on some green tea frapps and fresh cookies! (Never buy cookies if you can make ’em right?)

Bake & Snack!

dsc02428To my surprise (& delight) the boyfriend requested MORE Maple oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!!! (This is UNHEARD of since he is the classic choc chip cookie’s #1 fan!!) This batch was SOOOO moist and fluffy as a result of my lack of a measuring spoon…and had a little “accident” with the baking soda. 😛


Doughboy’s Dinner!

I had Pillsbury doughboy flaky biscuit cravings, and seeing that they were on sale for $1, we got ’em to make chicken & Biscuits for dinner. Here you have “Beer bottle chicken” with super-crunchy skin.


Sooo flaky and buttery with only 110 calories each! *shame* I had 3 (and a half)!!

dsc024351The biscuits went PERFECTLY dipped in our Santa Fe Chicken soup. The basic mix came in a packet and we just added chicken, cabbage, and corn.


Dinner ended with a Green tea ice-cream mochi for me and 2 for the boyfriend. I would have eaten more if this ACTUALLY tasted like green tea. Has anyone else tried this??? To me, the ice-cream tasted more floral (ugh) than tea-like. I’m a MUCH bigger fan of the coffee flavor mochi ice-cream.


Since we had some leftover Berry Chill frozen yogurt, I topped it with frozen blueberries, pineapples, and MORE QBel dark chocolate wafer rolls!!! DELIIIICIOOOUSS.


So that concluded the day of DELICIOUS eats!!


Moving on, like I promised, there’s…


dsc02377Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce AND 2x NO PUDGE! Brownie Mix Coupons!!!!

I know this has been seen all over the blogosphere a while ago, but HEY! ANYONE can use 2 bottles of sauce right???

ALL you have to do is comment on this post with an answer to this question:

WHAT would YOU do with matcha powder?!?!?!?

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Contest ends THIS FRIDAY @ midnight!