It all started with ONE Chobani to win me over!!!!! (Can I win you over with a SAUCY giveaway?)

Chobani’s came for me in the mail the other day and I KNEW I needed to try one within the first 24 hours!

Pre-Breakfast Cho-baby!!


My first Chobani blueberry wass topped with fiber one & Kashi puffed cereal!

Overall: Yummy!!! I love the flavor and texture of Chobani – especially the satisfying and “happy tummy” feeling I get after eating it. However, I did find myself surprsied that the blueberry preserves added as much as 40 calories to the pot!! (Plain Chobani is only 100 calories!) Regardless, I not only finished the whole pot, I even tried to maximize the tiny specks of blueberry yogurt stuck on the edges of the container by filling it up to the rim with cereal and milk!


Taste: After fully mixing the blueberry preserves into the plain yogurt, you get the perfect blend between tart and sweet. The blueberry flavor was obvious, but not over-powering nor too sweet. I love that Chobani did not make their blueberry preserve mix-in like that of “fruit on the bottom” yogurts (i.e. Dannon), which are overly sweet and almost TOO solid to easily combine it into the rest of the yogurt. Chobani’s preserves were much more au natural and especially easy to combine. A few good stirs was enough to get rid of all the berry “goop” at the bottom of the container – where many other mix-together yogurts fail at.

Texture: If you’ve ever had Oikos and Trader Joe’s greek yogurt, Chobani will fall right in the middle of the “thickness” spectrum. *Note* I am NOT a fan of the super-thick greek yogurts (i.e. Oikos reminds me of eating cream cheese). Chobani really had the perfect consistency! Toughter to stir than TJ’s runny greek, but still rich and filling enough so you feel the satisfaction from eating a creamy yogurt!

On a side note, the rest of my Breakfast!


The regular oats with frozen blueberries, banana, raspberry yogurt, and lots of crunch from my hodge-podge of cereals. You’ve seen this before of course!


Tofu & Shirataki Stuffed Pita


The whole lunch came complete with a Yantoufan WW pita, an orange, garlic salted edamame, the remaining Foods Should Taste Good Olive Chips, and my YUMMMMMY tofu & shirataki noodle stir-fry!


My stiry-fry dish was simply 1 pack of shirataki noodles (they’re black in color, but taste exactly the same as the white ones), 2 zucchini’s, 1/2 a block of firm tofu, 1 cup of snow peas, and lots of Chinese spicy black bean sauce.


Lunch is so relaxing when you read a free book borrowed from the neighborhood library! 🙂 I’m never buying another book again!



Sunset” LUNA

My raging appetite today had me reaching for a LUNA bar by early afternoon. The strawberry crumble flavor had a great strawberry jam topping and a yogurt bottom to mask the chemical aftertaste that I always seem to get from LUNA bars. I know it’s not exactly the AM, but I’ll eat anything that tastes good & looks so lovely. 🙂



Snuggles, Meatballs, & Fish Tacos!

The wonderful cook of a boyfriend make this wonderful assortment of food. Homemade turkey meatballs, sauteed spinach and zucchini, pan fried tilapia, and some Yantoufan WW wraps. (The hot dog roll look-alike sitting on my wrap is a Yantoufan “Snuggle” that I used to sandwich the meatballs, however I REALLY can’t give a good review for this product so I’d rather refrain. Let’s just say I won’t be eating Snuggles again…)


My SPECIAL taco’s included fish, spinach, turkey meatball pieces, and LOTS of piping hot tomato sauce!



Perfect Sweet Ending

My personalized mix from Mix My Granola arrived in the mail last night and I was SOOOO excited to try it with…YOU GUESSED it! MORE CHOBANI!!!!

My Mix: Organic muesli, Goji berries, Chia seeds, Dried bing cherries, Dried blueberries, Honey Smacks cereal


Flavor & Texture:
Despite looking so “raw” (no additional sugars and additives), I was surprised at how sweet and the mix was! Sadly my honey smacks were slightly “soggier” than I like them – meaning there wasn’t much crunch left, but it was still delicious combined with the chewy texture of the other ingredients. I did find myself wishing there was a more even distribution of ingredients that I picked though – my tube seemed to have an overweight on honey smacks cereal and under representation of goji berries.

Overall Verdict: I really love my mix! FAR more than the pre-made granola you get from stores. Customizing your foods really is a great new food trend that should continue!!! Everything in the mix was of high quality and quite fresh. Unfortunately, the steep price I would have had to pay for this tube ($18) is enough to scare me off from ordering in the near future, unless there was a great discount or sale!!? *hint hint*

Here’s how I ate it!


Taste: I was surprised at how much MORE vanilla flavor I tasted than the Oikos vanilla greek yogurt just by licking the lid! It definitely is for pure vanilla lovers – none of that artificial vanilla extract. To me, it was almost too overpowering, almost slightly creeping up behind my taste buds with a bold aftertaste. However, with my mildly sweet and fruity muesli mix-ins, this was absolutely the perfect flavor! Not too plain and tasteless, but not overly sweet and powerful in flavor. Very satisfying!

Texture: After mixing the goopy top with the more liquid bottom, Chobani presented me with a perfectly creamy but non-goopy (think Oikos’s super-thick greek) consistency! It is a terrific base for mix-in’s because the yogurt is firm enough to hold up against a new texture without losing its satisfying, creamy glory, but also liquid enough so the mix-in can combine easily to create the perfect bite!

Overall: 8/10. My only complaint was that it came out to be TOO vanilla-ish and had a vague after-taste, but just about everything else about vanilla Chobani hit the ball out of the park! It is perfect with a slightly sweet and crunchy topping like granola! Yum!! Satisfying and delicious

As you can probably tell, I have officially joined the Chobani fan club!


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