Jamba My Oats

How can one pass up $1 irish oatmeal?? Since I am so indecisive when it comes to food sometimes (because I want to try EVERYTHING), I asked to mix the apple topping with the blackberry-blueberry. Before eating, I topped it with lots of cinnamon, and voila!! (p.s. If anyone has great irish oatmeal recipes, please share with me?!!)


From my persepctive, these oats don’t need a brown sugar topping. I also realized that I love cinammon & hot apples in my oats!! Feel free to ask the super-nice Jamba people if they can do a half-and half! πŸ™‚ It’s really good!! It didn’t quite hold me over until lunch time, so I snacked on the glazed almonds from Sahale Snacks! dsc02475

For about 120 claories in this mini bag of Almonds with Cranberries, sesame & sea salt, there was quite a good number of almonds. My 2 cents on this is that these were a bit too salty for me, but I really enjoyed how unique the sweet vs. salty flavors are! If you like sharp contrasts in flavors, you’d enjoy this product!


Radish Tofu Sandwich?

That is correct. In fact, I had much more in there than just radish and tofu. Here was the lunch spread (that didn’t fill me up for some reason!??) The apple is much more giant than it looks in the picture! I also had baby carrots with some Greek hummus on the side, and a bag of multigrain cookies!


Why is the radish yellow? Because they’re AWESOME Korean pickled radish!!! They’re basically just daikon radish marinated in vinegar and yellow food coloring, but when you put in in a sandwich with tofu (which doesn’t have a bold flavor), it creates a perfect combo!! I also have sliced of tomato, deli ham (which didn’t add anything to the sandwich), romaine lettuce all sandwiched between TJ’s sprouted rye bread. GAWWWD so tasty.


I was fortunate enough to get a gift from World of Grains, including some wholesome cookies and crackers to sample. Since I have never had a multigrain COOKIE (not cracker, cookie!) before in this lifetime, I gave these a shot! 15g of whole grain in 1 little pack!


My mini verdict? I have never had a more flavorful butter cookie taste-alike that was so good for you before! The convenient, portion-controlled packaging is also a plus so I can bring β€˜em anywhere with me as a perfect snack or dessert to a healthy meal for 130 calories! Sadly, 7 cookies is a little measly for my big appetite thought!

Clearly, I got hungry late afternoon and polished off a Peach Chobani with my own granola concoction! But that wasn’t all! MULTIPLY granola by three and add 1 cup milk for the “complete” snack!


I’m sure you’ve heard me say this enough, but Chobani is really QUITE delicious. Oh, and my granola is ADDICTIVE. I polished off this container, then dumped another cup of granola back in the cup and ate it with milk, then refilled it a second time. I need to start making my own granola like all you cool people out there!!


I have been craving sushi since forever, so we went ALL out at dinner!

Maki’s at Sushi Toro!!

The boyfriend and I had to wait a full 1 hour before we could get seated at this super-popular sushi joint, but it was well worth the wait!!! (Check out the full review here)

To start, I got a boring old Miso Soup (Not pictured because it’s boring) which was a tad on the salty side. Taste-wise was pretty average compared to other sushi restaurants. We then shared this…

Sashimi Appetizer


The platter had salmon, tuna, and super white tuna (which isn’t really tuna at all!)

The white tuna was the winner although all the pieces were so fresh and juicy! If you’ve never had super white tuna, this fish has a mild flavor (like tuna) and tastes kind of butterry, with very firm flesh. The white tuna is actually a special of snake mackerel, which sounds kind of freaky, but really isn’t. YUMMMMah!


Maki Rolls!

I love “special” rolls, but I also like the classics! The first two rolls pictured are listed under “Mitch’s special rolls”, which are designed and created by the owner himself. They were by far, the best rolls ever!! Too bad I couldn’t find the super special rolls on any online menu’s, so you’ll just have to go there and check it out yourself!

The Kamikaze

Crab meat, tonnes of spicy mayo, sunflower seeds (cool!), tuna, …the rest, I could not identify, but this was Nick’s favorite roll!


Our thoughts: Ugly? YES! This unimpressive/sloppy presentation redeems itself in the unexpected flavors. The kamikaze had a great spicy kick and the sunflower seeds gave it a unique and darn addictive crunchy texture. I had two of these and a little too much of the mayo seafod topping. πŸ˜›

The Holla Jalapeno

Siracha, roe topping, spicy mayo, crab meat, mango, avocado, tuna, bonito flakes, whitefish, flamed fish skin of some sort?


Thoughts: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this roll. The many layers of seafood and various textures combine in this amazing rolls to give one of the most delicious, gorgeous, and FUN maki’s to eat! Everything from the fresh melt-in-your-mouth fish, to the ripe avocado, to the real crab meat and bonito flakes sitting atop drizzles of mayo makes it the PERFECT roll. Yum.I ended up devouring the vast majority of this roll!

Rainbow Roll

Typically a California roll topped with various sashimi, this inside-out roll was stuffed with crab meat, avocado


Thoughts: While I’m a huge fan of rainbow’s, this one felt a little scant on the inside fish-wise and there was plenty of rice, but the sashimi on the top was fresh and especially delicious. Since I chose this roll, I had most of it…again.

Futo Maki Roll

Vegetarian roll of kampiyo, asparagus, spinach, oshinko, avocado, cucumber

dsc02489Our Thoughts: The boyfriend decided he didn’t like this at all after one small bite. While I usually love futo maki’s, this one fell flat in flavor and texture. Far too bland in comparison to the other rolls which were all SCREAMING with flavor! Overall, I’ve had better futo maki’s but still finished the dish!

Final Words? We may come back just to try all the other rolls on the menu!! The long wait was worth it!


Can’t get better than this!

We got home pretty late, but both Nick and I were in the mood for something sweet, so I heated up a nice big Potbelly’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in the microwave and topped it with Edy’s slow churned coffee ice-cream. SO SO SO DELICIOUS!!!


And of course…being the sneaky girl thatΒ  I am, went back to the tub to serve myself a couple more spoonfuls. (HEY its really not that bad for you at all!)


and then I got THIS in the mail from my mommy shipped all the way from Hong Kong!! I was so surprised to see this!

dsc02523Mama got me 5 packets of Japanese green tea milk candy, Thai green curry, and Japanese sweet apple curry cubes! πŸ™‚

It REALLY is times like this that make me miss home even more. *sigh* I haven’t seen my parents in almost a year and sometimes just get extremely homesick. BOO. Time to go call the little brother and congratulate him on finishing final exams!!

Have a FABULOUS night guys!!

xox, M