Lunch Box Oats


My favorite weekend purchase was a set of Hello Kitty lunch boxes that come in L, M, & S sizes. The bf thought this was a joke of course, well, so did I. I’ve never been Hello Kitty’s biggest fan, but for some STRANGE reason, I caved and bought ’em. A treat for myself!

Breakfast consisted of a container-full of my Irish steel cut oats (that has Goji, Acai powder, & vanilla shake mix), along with a packet of Almond Butter! Yum!! My oatmeal tastes like vanilla, but not sweet at all, so BB was perfect. πŸ™‚

Blueberry Cookies


My thoughts: These World of Grains cookies were quite tasty, but also a little strange to me. They were much tougher to eat than the mutli-grain cookies that I had, which were really just butter cookies, healthified. With the same stats, I’d go back to the multi-grains. YES, the blueberries were a nice touch, but that’s really all they were and didn’t push my love for this cookie flavor over the edge.


A Patient’s Lunch

Would consist of soup and salad to clean out the system. On the left is a chickpea and alfalfa sprout combo on top of mixed greens. On the right is canned crab soup, as you will see below!


Obviously, there wasn’t crab you could see with you eyes in this soup, but it was spicy and flavorful – just what I needed! I ate it with a side of NO NOT cheez-its! But they’re cheez-its HEALTHIFIED!


How??? you ask. FIBER GOURMET is the answer. Apparently they make crackers and pasta’s that are higher in fiber AND lower in calories than regular pasta!!


So I made the Mac & Cheese to share with the boyfriend! It was SO EASY to make, and didn’t taste half bad! I shredded some deli turkey as well to punch up the flavor, but overall I think we both liked it though it wasn’t over-powering in cheese flavors. The bf would have preferred MORE seasoning though (oops, my bad!) so keep that in mind if you wanna try this out!


PopCorn Monster

So…if you know me, you’ll know my love for popcorn. This Lesser Evil kettle corn reminded me of caramel corn because it had a nice coating of that sweet syrup stuff that you see on caramel corn.


My Thoughts: The coating is what gives this popcorn it’s wonderful crunchy texture! But taste overall, this popcorn didn’t have flavors per se, apart from just plain sweetness. Good for people with a sweet tooth, but not for true kettle corn lovers who want the sweet and salty & CORN flavor you get from fresh kettle corn.


Deli Dinner

Simply a big turkey deli sandwich, that was sandwiched between sourdough bread and fried on a grill. *SIGH* WHY do diners insist on making their breads this greasy and spoiling the great flavors of fresh ingredients???? I don’t understand. 😦


But at least dessert rocked!

A few days ago, the bf and I stopped by Molly’s cupcakes – a specialty cupcake shop! We bought two adorable filled cupcakes to be eaten when the buttercream frosting “coldens” in the fridge. The way I like it. (Click here for a full review)


The left is a Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcake for the bf, (I can’t do cookie dough…it’s just kinda gross and raw to me, but he loved it!), and on the right is a mixed berry cupcake with a berry jam filling!!dsc025031

I loved the filling, but the frosting was just way TOO MUCH!!! Overall, I wish that for almost $4 a cupcake that I’d gotten more berries than this. Yes, I felt a little conned, but maybe I just went with the wrong flavor? At least it all tasted good!!

When it comes to food, have you ever felt like you’ve been conned???

Either by a product or by a restaurant? Please leave a comment to warn us!!!