Mixing it Up!


Instead of oats, I had a hodge podge of cereals in almond milk, including my own Mix-my-granola combo, Kashi puffs, and Special K protein. Problem is, I had 4 bowls of this for breakfast. Does anyone know the trick to stopping at one???

For a snack, I had Sahale’s

Almond PB&J with peanuts


My thoughts: WHY is it called “almond” pb&J when my packet was 70% peanuts?? Flavor-wise, I enjoyed this because I love sweet nuts!! The dried mini raspberries were TINY, but whenever I got to bite into one, it made my tastebuds dance with joy. SO tasty I wish there was more!!! Overall, I probably wouldn’t go out and buy this flavor…no matter how delicious it sounds.


Mediterranean Lunch Date

My roomie and another friend came up to visit me at work so we went out for lunch. Since my throat was still super-sore, I got a bowl of lentil soup as well as a strange zucchini yogurt dip called Mashwiya that I will not order again. EVER. At least lunch was only $5 from Pomegranate and they gave me plenty of pita.


For dessert, a giant banana that LOOKS like its going bad, but was really isn’t. I also had a super yummy Jello/pudding cup in Dulce de leche (YUMMMMMY) with fiber one.


and somewhere in the middle of lunch and dinner, I squeezed one of these DELICIOUS

Taiwanese Pineapple shortcakes!!

This is a pineapple chutney enclosed shortbread cookie that is buttery, sweet, and fun to eat. πŸ™‚ mmmm…



Simply Lazy Dinner

It literally took 5 minutes to prepare my sandwich and assemble the carrots and pickled radish on plate. Oh, and retrieve the Choco-walla Odwalla Bar.


Clearly, I have to introduct my awesome Artichoke & garlic hummus with alfalfa sprout sandwich wedged between Trader Joe’s sprouted 7-grain bread. SOOOOO DELICIOUS.

Please try this!! You won’t regret it!!! Promise! Make sure you stuff it SILLY with alfalfa. πŸ™‚Sandwich hummus alfalfa

Here is the Athenos Artichoke & Garlic hummus I used. This flavor definitely has plenty of garlic flavor, but isn’t as overwhelming as if you get straight-up garlic hummus. It also has the hint of sourness that you get from marinated artichokes. I’m a fan! (For only $2, this is a good deal when it goes on sale)

Atheno's garlic artichoke hummus

I couldn’t resist sliding some Korean pickled radish’s into the sandwich just to give it some crunch. If you have cucumber at home, I highly recommend putting some cucumber in!sandwich with daikon


Black & White Kettle Corn

To end, I ate two gala apples and busted out the black & white kettle corn from Lesser Evil. I tried to start with one cup…but ended up devouring 3. Oops!


My thoughts: YUM Yum YUMMMM !These are so additive! The black pices are cocoa flavored, and are seriously the BEST chocoalte popcorn I have ever had. PLUS, they’re better for you too!!! 1 cup of popcorn is ~110 calories. They’re “glazed” so the coating gives the popcorn itself extra crunch, just like the gourmet caramel corn you get from specialty stores. Yum!! The white pieces are the classic flavor that I find just sweet and bland. The black pieces won me over, period.


What’s your favorite Sandwich Combo?!

Mine has got to be the alfalfa hummus sandwich!!