I’m falling more and more in love with my new Hello Kitty Bento’s!  YOU, my favorite bloggies should consider getting yourself one too! 🙂

Bento Vanilla Acai Steel-Cut Oats

Served with Cherry Cobbler yogurt and sprinkled with some Bare Naked Fit granola (not as good as my own Mix my own granola OR Zoe’s!! Keep reading…you may be smelling a potential giveaway!)

bento oats

I am SO surprised my pot of Acai oatmeal lasted so long!!! 🙂 Another reason why you should make some.


Bento Meatball Salad Sandwich

The entire lunch features a tuna salad I tossed together with alfalfa and lettuce paired with 3 slices of bread, 2 homemade turkey meatballs, an apple, an orange, and an Odwallaby yogurt (yummy!) for dessert.

tuna salad meal

Before I assembled my sandwich – here’s a close up of my tuna salad on top of toast next to it’s partner, which is slathered with Greek hummus (garlic & lemon Athenos hummus) all atop my Hello Kitty Bento Box lid!! 🙂 What a perfect plate.tuna salad sandwich

You’re looking at an AMAZING half-eaten turkey meatball sitting on top of extra tuna salad that I ate with an end piece of Trader Joe’s Sprouted Rye bread. SUCH a yummy combo!meatball in tuna salad

I didn’t want to OD on more crackers for lunch, so I had two pieces of fruit and this mango lime yogurt! It’s so delicious, but now that I’ve had greek yogurt, it’s so hard going back to regular – no matter how “creamy” they claim it is!odwalla lime mango


PURE Happiness!!

When my sample box of Pure bars came, I KNEW the first one I had to try was this chocolate chip trail mix bar.


Is that a goddess on the wrapper?!?!? Pure choc chip trail mix

I really loved how nutty and FULL of crunchy sustenance went into this moist little bar. Definitely very sweet and satisfying for the sweet tooth…my only dissappointment was in the nutritional stats. *sniff* 200 calories and 11g of fat in this little tasty bar!?!?! NOOOOOO!!! I’d eat it again though. Muhahahahaha


Bento-less Brothers Home Cooking

I’m so lucky all the men in my life can cook. I visited the younger bro who’se on spring break for a late dinner and he cooked this AWESOME display for me! *sniff* The little guy’s all grown up…


jeff's dinner for meHe made me (from the left) a Scrambled Egg, Onion, and Enoki mushroom terriyaki stirfry; A bowl of (cold) Chinese sour and Spicy Cabbage; Bak Choy with oyster sauce, and of course, the handy dandy bowl of Jasmine rice. (According to him, true Asian men only eat white rice. hahahah)

Everything was SO delicious…I was darn impressed with how far his cooking skills have progressed!


Breakast with Zoe’s

The kind folks at Zoe’s sent me three boxes of granola to sample, and I busted out the honey almond RIGHT AWAY to eat with some plain Oikos greek yogurt (which I am starting to really enjoy)!!!

zoe's honey almond granola
First Impression: Plenty of large oat-and-puffed cereal clusters intermixed with smaller, nail-sized clusters. On the side, there were little bits and pieces of thin almond slices.

Flavor: I’m so glad that Zoe’s decided to truly infuse almond flavor into the granola. Though the honey flavor was so subtle I could hardly taste it, being the huge fan of almond that I am, the natural-tasting nutty aromas truly had a chance to SHINE!

Texture: So crispy and so crunchy all at once!!! It made the perfect combo when mixed in to plain yogurt as Zoe’s granola and puffed cereal absorbed the moisture of it all.

zoe's granola with oikos
Overall: This is a potentially addictive flavor for me if it didn’t have such dense calories (190 calories for 3/4 cups…pretty standard for granola)! I found myself reaching into the box for the big clusters of granola-and-cereal!


I’m SO excited to be having hot pot with the brother tonight so I can repay his dinner! 🙂

Do you have a sibling (or someone just like one) who ROCKS??!?!?

Have a fabulous weekend ya’ll!! Much Love, M