I have never been a huge coconut fan – I hate dried coconut, but I do LOVE coconut milk in curry and fresh coconut juice! But then THIS appeared!

so delicious ice cream

in two GINORMOUS boxes…so delicious dairy

All their products are DAIRY FREE & SOY FREE!!

Because the folks at Turtle Mountain have been SOOOOOO RIDICULOUSLY KIND to send me such a huge number of products to try, I figured I’d pose myself a challenge. I call it…

“24 Hour Coconut MANIA


11pm Coconut Almond Bar

I was too tempted by the picture! And I’m a sucker for ALL things Mini, so I dove into one of these the night I got my package.

so delicious coconut barStats: 170 calories, 10g fat, 15g carbs, 10g sugar, 3g fiber, 2g protein

Flavor: The chocolate shell was perfectly chocolatey, reminding me of the Haagen Dazs ice-cream bar chocolate shells, but MUCH thinner and speckled with small, thin almond slices. The Shell cracks easily and melts on your tongue – awesome! The white coconut ice-cream inside tasted just like sweetened coconut milk frozen into solid form, but not overly sugary (as we know, this is sweetened with agave nectar) and a wonderful flavor for anyone who loves the coconut flavor as a replacement for say, good ol’ vanilla. Personally, I’m a traditionalist, so I’d probably not buy this flavor simply because it was way TOO coconutty for me!

*** DAY 2***

11:30am Brunch Parfait!

How about a home made Coconut yogurt parfait with Vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, & frozen blueberries?

so delicious parfait

Stats: 150 calories, 6g fat, 22g carbs, 19g sugar, 1g protein

Flavor: One of the most mild vanilla yogurts I have ever had with a clear, but subtle coconut undertone. I was definitely glad the coconut flavor wasn’t overpowering in this yogurt, but taste-wise this yogurt would be characterized as subtle, faint, but refreshing to me. Definitely more runny than the regular yogurts (i.e. Yoplait, Dannon Light & fit) that I’ve ever had. Consistency-wise, it is somewhere between creamy and watery. It was very smooth and silky throughout (no lumps) but on its own, may not provide the thickness or satiety one may expect in a “heavier” yogurt (5g of fat).


Obviously, I didn’t just have a parfait for brunch. There was lots more strawberries, 2 slices of cinnamon raisin swirl toast, Justin’s maple almond butter, and the yummy century egg & tofu combo that you’ve all seen before!


4pm Strawberry Snack Bar

so delicious strawberry bar

Stats: 70 calories, 0g fat, 16g carbs, 12g sugar, 3g fiber, 0g protein

Flavor: So much berry flavor it was like eating a solidified, smooth, seedless strawberry smoothie! The bar was sweet and slightly tart, but each was strong yet subtle enough to complement the other. It was exactly what I wanted in a milky-tasting popsicle when I craved something cold, sweet, and good for you! I loooove this product!


6:30pm Dinner Refreshment

Knowing me, I had to make another one of my yummy green tea frappe’s…this time, using vanilla coconut milk!


Stats: 90 calories, 5g fat, 9g carbs, 7g sugar, 1g protein

Flavor: It had a very mild but balanced coconut and vanilla aroma. I wasn’t expecting how UN-sugary it was (pleasantly surprised!) and was glad that the milk was more like “milk” than an overly sweetened beverage. I probably wouldn’t replace my unsweetened vanilla almond milk with coconut milk though…(hard to beat 40 calories!)


And then, there was dinner!!!

Asian-style Stir-fry Cocktail Prawns and Beer-steamed Cod Fishdsc02672

And Roasted Veggie Salad! This was SO DARN GOOD I had 4 bowls.

My new favorite way to eat broccoli and potatoes – oven roasted with onion powder, Mrs. Dash seasoning, and garlic salt!dsc02674

There was also a Fried Tofu Stuffed with Turkey Stew that Nick made…unpictured because it was devoured too quickly. 😛


9pm Mocha Almond Fudge Dessert

I can’t do dinner without dessert, so here was my treat to a perfectly healthy and yummy dinner. Nick and I loved this SO much, there’s only one scoop left in the tub…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!dsc02678

Stats: 180 Calories, 9g fat, 21g carbs, 14g sugar, 5g fiber, 2g protein

Flavor: This flavor should be renamed to “COCONUT mocha almond fudge” because the ice-cream base had the perfect balance between coffee and sweet coconut flavors. The container had many chunks of almond bits, and rich chocolate fudge was swirled evenly throughout the ice-cream. Yum!!

Texture: Smooth and rich, the ice-cream base was super-silky and dense. It had slightly stiffer fudge swirls that had a nice sticky consistency which complements the base. The many larger-than-usual almond pieces provided a great contrast in consistency with solid crunch to every bite.

Overall: I’m so surprised at how much I loved the sweet, fragrant coconut flavor combined with the slightly bitter coffee. Definitely one of the newest unique, tasty, and indulgent ice-cream flavors I’ve had in a while!


I truly enjoyed all the turtle mountain ice-creams and see it in my future grocery lists! Especially the strawberry fruit bar and the mocha almond fudge ice-cream. So my dear readers, I have been officially converted to a coconut NON-Hater, perhaps even leaning toward a coconut liker?!?!?

What foods have converted you lately into a “believer”??!?