Because this post is mainly dedicated to the GIVEAWAY, I wanted to keep it short & sweet!

Scroll to the bottom for details of the giveaway if you’re THAT impatient. πŸ˜›


Here’s a tribute to a couple of my

NEWEST discoveries in…

Ridiculously Tasty


#5 Chocolate PB2 & vanilla shortbread cookie Sandwich

pb2 cookie sandwich

How do I put this? I started off a week ago with a GIANT tub of cookies. I’m down to 4. A little excessive, I know!!!

#4 Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice-cream Sandwich

coconut ice cream sandwich

#3 Food Should Taste Good SWEET POTATO CHIPS!!!

sweet potato chips

SO Addictive I can’t describe it.

#2 Spicy Hummus & Celery

Celery & hummusI can’t believe I used to HATE celery. Now I eat ’em like a barbarian – Unwashed and unchopped. πŸ˜‰

#1 Granola & Greek Yogurt!!!

zoe's granola with oikos

How convenient that it leads straight in to the giveaway huh?



2 lucky people

2 boxes of granola EACH


1. Pick your 2 favorite Zoe’s Granola Flavor from the website and let me know by leaving a comment to this post.

2. Link Back to this post on YOUR blog (if you have one) OR Add me to your blog roll for a second chance to win.

3. People who have commentedΒ  on luckytastebuds at least 5x will AUTOMATICALLY get a 3rd chance to win. Muahahah πŸ™‚

DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 7th@ 6pm Central Time!

zoe's granolaBrought to you by Zoe’s & Your friend, Lucky Taste Buds!