PURE Says, “An energy bar that is organic, raw, gluten-free and delightful! Made with fruit and nuts, it is amazingly chewy and sweet.”

Pure Bars

PURE bars are…

  • Vegan & Organic
  • Have NO artificial sugar or flavoring
  • No GMO’s
  • Have 4g of fiber per bar
  • 100% Raw!
  • Each bar has around 190-200 calories and around 10g of fat

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Chocolate Chip Trail Mix


Taste: Don’t expect your traditional trail mix bar, because it’s not! The taste is like a mix between a very sweet LARA bar mixed with a fragrant nutty KIND bar. Though PURE didn’t have a strong chocolate flavor, there were definitely speckles of mini-chocolate chips intermixed into the bar. I was reminded me childhood memories of Chinese New Year date candies made into the shape of a dense little bar– great memories!

Texture: The first bite was super moist and slightly sticky to the fingers (if you’re a bar “peeler” like I am). There were loads of extra-crunchy bits and pieces of nuts and mini-chocolate chips lodged throughout, which gave it that special dense but crunchy texture.

Overall: It took some time to get used to the complex flavors of the bar, but this bar had such a unique texture I don’t think I’ve ever had something quite like it (extra crunchy YET soft and moist). This bar definitely has a special flavor that one may not necessary come to crave, but will likely enjoy!


Wild Blueberry


Taste: I love the slightly tart flavor of blueberries in this bar!!
The organic dates helped to tone down the sour factor and the
larger-than-average cashew & walnut pieces embedded throughout the bar
gave it a fragrant indulgent flavor.

Texture: The bar was very moist and slightly chewy thanks to natural
stickiness of the dates. The surprisingly crunchy nuts really made
this bar stand out, adding a wonderful and unique textural contrast to
the bar.

Overall: LOVE that this bar is naturally fruity but still satisfying,
moist but also crunchy! Flavor-wise, it reminds me of the much-loved
Larabars but packs MORE protein and has a great crunch from the nuts!
Overall, a delicious and tasty bar that I’d eat again and again. I
just wish it were less expensive.


Apple Cinnamon

Pure apple bar

Taste & Texture: The strange rubbery texture of the dried apples inside it just didn’t complement the sweet and moist date-bar base. Also, I was expecting more crunch from the nuts and didn’t get as much as I did from all the other flavors, so that was pretty disappointing.

Verdict? 7/10. I still love the blueberry more when it comes to the fruity flavors even thought i’m a die hard cinnamon fan!