The Bongo Room

There is a super hyped about brunch spot in Chicago that I have been DYYYING to go to. The bf took me here after I got my Guardasil injection in the AM and boyyy was brunch tasty.


Pear & Apple French Toast

We started off with a half order of this tasty toast….it is “Brown sugar crusted brioche on top of warm spiced pear and apple compote topped with cinnamon creme anglaise”

Bongo room french toast

OMG SOOO GOOD. The syrup with so cinnamon and apple-ish. The toast was flaky on the outside, soft on the inside, and I don’t know what the sauce on the toast is, but it is HEAVEN.


Salmon Eggs Benedict

This was my main dish! I asked for the sauce on the side and instead of hash browns, asked to switch it for fresh fruit.


As much as I love smoked salmon, I still like ‘em uncooked. This smoked salmon was too dry, but the eggs were PERFECTLY cooked so the yolks oozed over everything. I dipped each bite into the dill hollandaise…and YUMMMM. Drool.

On My dish Overall– I loved that the fruit substitution for hash brown was not
a measly ramekin cup of bananas and apples. Though they messed up my
order the first time and poured sauce over the eggs, the server (who
definitely looked grumpy when I pointed it out) still managed to
replace it rather quickly. Plus, my eggs were PERFECTLY cooked – the
yolks were runny while the whites were still delicate. You can tell
how perfect it is cooked when no egg yolks cling to the egg whites
that encapsulate it after you puncture the skin.


Croissant Sandwich

The boyfriend ordered the croissant-wich with bacon, melted muenster cheese, a fried egg and hash browns.

Nick's bongo room dish

On Nick’s dish- The hash browns were crispy on the outside but soft
and flavorful on the inside. The sandwich itself was well-seasoned and
tasty, but the croissant was a little greasy.

Overall, the meal was reallly tasty! I loved the restaurant’s bright and happy decor but we agreed that the food was a little over-hyped.



Overall: 4/5 (Though slightly over-hyped, It’s not their fault they
serve creative, tasty brunch foods in satisfying portions!)

Taste: 3.5/5
(Above average dishes in every dimension, but I still
like my salmon eggs benedicts from Tavern on Rush)

Plating: 4/5 (The image of our French toast will be ingrained in my
head forever)

Originality: 4.5/5 (Many unique menu options on the sweet-side!)

Value: 3/5 (Standard brunch prices downtown. I like that you can get a
half order so nothing goes to waste)

Service: 4 (Super-friendly staff who were helpful in directing what to
order on the menu!)
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