Big S Farms says, “Our habanero sauces and salsas are crafted with a perfect balance of heat and flavor to make the perfect taste treat for even the most discerning palate. Each product is made with all natural habanero varieties and ingredients.”

I was lucky enough to get to sample all 3 salsa’s and 3 sauces from Big S Farms thanks to Vance! Here are my thoughts on these natural, flavorful sauces!

Big s farm sauces

Big s farms salsa***

Extra Hot Salsa

extra hot salsa

Stats (per 2 tbs): 10 Calories, 0g fat

Taste and Texture: This was seriously the chunkiest salsa I have EVER had. Lots of tomato bits and lots of flavor. This was also pretty darn spicy!!

muffin sandwich

The salsa PERFECTED my Egg McSpinach-wich!