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*WARNING* Serious post ahead. Advice appreciated.

This past week has been hectic and stressful.  As a result, the eating right and exercising has fallen to the wayside. 😦

LOTS of unplanned meals (mainly big lunches and dinners), TONNES of nighttime snacking that I’m not proud of.

Most of the snacks were unnecessary and eaten out of stress/boredom/loneliness, and I usually end up dissappointed with myself.

The days usually start out VERY innocently, like this.

Apple Oat-Scramble

Alomond Butter Apple Oats

Made with 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 cup Oatbran, a huge fuji, and spices. I eat it with a pack of Justin’s natural almond butter. Sometimes plain, sometimes maple. YUUUUM.

apple oats ingredients

I’d crack sometime before or DURING lunch, thinking since I packed something “healthy”, I could cave in to something like a GIANT

Taro “Bubbled” Smoothie

So far…the conscience isn’t feeling too bad because I don’t get these often and they really are SO GOOD.


Lunch is great right?

A fruit salad on the right with a banana, an apple, and strawberries. On the right is my big Big Momma’s salad topped with a whole tomato, artichokes, deli turkey, and roasted red peppers. And of course, a pack of popcorn!


But then I tell myself that salad’s are unfilling, so I THINK I’m hungry by 3:30 or 4 and I grab a nice, tasty bar like this Pistachio Larabar. (YUP, even with the pistachio recall)


Random mini-review: SOOO moist, so soft, but really not as sweet as any of the other flavors (i.e. apple pie, coconut cream pie) I’ve tried. The pistachio flavor was really light but definitely present. Tasty tasty! Anyways…

I feel lazy and tired because it’s been raining so much at night this week.

I skip the gym (one too many times) and figured I’d air on the lighter side of dinners and make myself an easy Lean Cuisine. The Rosemary chicken isn’t bad at all, but I should have used my common sense and made some veggies on the side to beef up the satiety factor.

Lean Cuisine

But CLEARLY, I’m still hungry, so I decide to bake a really simple

Coconut Cranberry Choco Bread Pudding

out of 2 cups coconut milk, dark chocolate, cranberries, sugar, eggs, and 8 slices of Trader Joe’s sprouted 7-grain bread.

cranberry coconut bread pudding

While I’m waiting for my bread pudding to bake, I figured I’d have a little snack…how about a handful of Vanilla Shortbread wafers? Harmless if I stick with <4 (about 130 calories?).

But then, it gets out of hand and I honestly Can’t Stop reaching my hand into the tub (or pack, or cereal box…whatever it may be that night)!!!!!

I end up having…WAY TOO MANY. Like, half a tub too many. I feel SICK and disgusted.

trader joe's vanilla wafersBut by now, the bread pudding is ready, and it smells SO GOOD!!!

SO I’ll have a piece.

And then another, and then another.

Bread pudding

By the time I realize it, I’ve finished half of it all by myself. I’ve officially eaten two days worth of calories in ONE sitting. OH My gosh, I’m gross.

Now I wonder to myself… do I do this because I’m feelinlg lonely, bored, or if I’m actually feeling like something is missing in my life and I’m eating to fill that void????

Yes I ate good food. Alot of it was “nutritious” and delicious, but…How do you walk the fine line between stopping when you’ve had enough, or eating something just because you think it’ll make you happier?

Am I overdoing it with the pshycho-analyzing?