Cape Cod says, No matter what the variety, we maintain the tradition of using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in all of our snacks [For over 25 years!]. We have expanded our snack offerings to include our popular Reduced Fat variety as well as over a half dozen potato chip flavors, popcorn, tortilla chips and salsa.”

cape cod chips

Michelle says, You’ll love Cape Cod if you love kettle chips. I can’t believe even their new line of popcorn is this tasty!!”

cape cod popcorn

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Sweet & Salty Popcorn

cape cod popcorn

Stats (per 1.5 cups): 110 calories

Taste & Texture: This was a super light and crunchy popcorn that isn’t as drenched in sugary coating as the lesser evil kettle corns, but yes, it is still sweet and the slightest salty hint after each bite. Unfortunately, its top 3 ingredients are: Sugar, Popcorn, & corn syrup. It tastes and feels like a cross between regular popcorn kettle corn and gourmet caramel corn that has the thin film of sugar coating. QUITE the yummy snack!

Overall: 7/10. For 110 calories per 1.5 cups, it’s definitely a very tasty sweet & savory treat if you don’t mind the not-so-natural ingredient list!