Medora Snacks says, “Our mission is to bring to the world wholesome, great tasting snacks made from the very best, all-natural ingredients. To be true to our brand values of delivering better-for-you snacks that mothers can feel good about eating and sharing with their family and friends. “

Michelle says, Go for the awesome crunchy cheddar pogos, but skip the corners if you don’t like airy tortilla chips. ALL their snacks are well-seasoned and “better for you”, so eat away!!


Sea Salt Corners

“Corners™ Popped Corn Tortillas™ are made with real corn, extra virgin olive oil, all natural ingredients and no trans fat. Corners™ unique popping process combines popped corn and tortilla chips, two of Americas favorite snacks, in one great snack. They are so delicious you can enjoy them alone or with your favorite dips and salsas.”

sotos sea salt chips

Stats (per 1 oz): 130 Cals, 3g fat, 22g carbs, 0g fiber, 2g fiber
Taste & Texture: I wasn’t blown away with the airy texture, but I did enjoy the perfectly seasoned corners. It was definitely crunchy and light all at once, so I would recommend it…not sure it would hold up to a salsa dip if you like your salsa super chunky like me.
Overall: 6.5/10. Tasty by itself, just too airy to every pass for a real tortilla chip.
White Cheddar Pogos

“You have never tasted a potato cheese stick like it! When you open the bag, the aroma of cheese tells you – it’s the real thing! Tons of crunchy, cheesy taste and none of the messy orange stuff left on your hands. Our unique baking process allows us to create a more wholesome product using only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.”

dsc02842Stats: 110 Cals, 4g fat, 16g carbs, 2g sugar, <1g fiber, 2g protein

Taste & Texture: These sticks were addictively light, crunchy and cheesy-tasting. It’s a great simple, clean snack without those finger-licking powders that you get from cheetos…which, I slightly missed, but by all means the cheesy flavor is ALL there!
Overall: 8.5/10. I love this snack and the fact that it’s NOT airy, it packs a ton of flavor, and just hits the spot when you’re craving something crunchy and salty.

Classic Pucci

Pucci Pizza Snacks are like real pizza in a bag! The aroma of freshly made pizza makes your mouth water as soon as you open the bag. When you crave “a slice” just pick up Pucci’s and experience the delicious taste of 100% extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and parmesan cheese baked into every bite.

Stats (1 oz): 120 Cals, 3.5g fat, 17g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 4g protein
Taste & Texture: NOT like real pizza in a bag, unfortunately. Though there was good flavor and a lovely tomato & cheese aroma, the taste of the slightly pizza-esque snack just became a little too monotonous and the texture FAR too airy for me to love it. That being said, it’s a likeable snack that gives you a crunch as soon as you bite into it, but disintegrates into air as soon as you start chewing.
Overall: 7/10. The flavor and aroma were pizza-like, but much more watered down. I wasn’t a big fan of the texture because it didn’t leave me satisfied, but I did enjoy eating them.

Cheese, Olive Oil, & Lemon Pogos

“It is hip to be square™. Sotos Multi-Grain snacks pack highly nutritious multi-grains in each little square for a better-for-you snack you will love. Our unique baking process captures the flavor of the all-natural seasonings to give you a satisfying crunchy experience that you’ll want to try again.”

dsc02844Stats (1oz): 120 cals, 4g fat, 19g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g protein

Taste & Texture: Very delicious and full of flavor, this is a fun chip with great seasonings! It’s another one of those rather thin and airy crisps that delivers that initial crunch, but doesn’t seem to follow through.
Overall: 7/10. Tasty lower-calorie snack that is slightly airy. If you like that combination, you’d love this well-seasoned “chip”.