My Way Cereal says,Design your own handcrafted, custom mixed all organic cereal now. Select your base cereal, add your favorite all organic ingredients, name your mix, and checkout. It is fun, simple, and best of all, you get what you want delivered to your door in just a few days!
Click below to custom mix your cereal now.”

Michelle says, Honestly too pricey a cereal for something that’s really not that unique. You can easily buy your own flakes and mix-in’s to make a more inexpensive breakfast. I was a little disappointed with the low volumes of mix-ins in my tube, but the flakes were good. Just now awesome.

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Here’s How I ate it!

Kicking off the Morning with some of My Way Cereal, a sliced banana, and cup of original coconut milk!

mix my own cereal

The mix of bran flakes, dried blueberries, apples, & almonds to sample.

my cereal mix

Overall impression: I have to say, this wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Maybe it wasn’t mixed particularly evenly, but I felt like all I had were these super-crunchy bran flakes! Good thing they go SO darn well with the soft banana and coconut milk!!